Lampard proud of the response to the crisis coronavirus Chelsea

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard believes the Blues can be proud of their response to coronavirus crisis.

The London club quickly offered the use of a hotel in their stadium Stamford Bridge for health workers once the Prime Minister of league matches were suspended last month and pledged to match all donations made to the charity of family violence shelter during a fundraising campaign six weeks.

Unlike a number of other Premier League clubs who have been criticized for using the years of the British government furlough leave scheme for staff pays no game, Chelsea have so far decided not to use public money.

“I am very proud to manage this club with the way Chelsea have handled,” Lampard told Sky Sports.

“They were very quick to respond with help from the hotel and there is much more work underway with the foundation, with link-ups and contact with fans.

“There are many people at Chelsea who really resisted.”

the Premier League players were the politicians shots, including the British secretary Matt Hancock health, not have accepted pay cuts.

a funds has since been set up by Premier League stars where they will assist frontline workers in health services and discussion on wages postpone are eNo courses at a number of clubs.

“football players will try to do the right thing,” said Lampard.

“I think they needed a little time and politicians have jumped the gun when things were in preparation. It is unfortunate that the image was painted. “

With yet to peak virus in the UK, the Premier League season was suspended indefinitely without date for clubs to return to training. Meanwhile, players are forced to stay fit at home, but Lampard is wary of a quick return to action when the restrictions are lifted.

German clubs have already returned to training in small groups with the hope of the Bundesliga can restart behindclosed doors next month.

Similar proposals have been made for the Premier League to finish the season without fans at matches during the summer months.

“It is difficult in that it is unprecedented and we do not know how long it will last,” Lampard said.

“we try to keep in touch with players . in football, we are so used to schedule and routine, which is quite diffelouer.

“We can have a short pre-season to come so that players must be ready. but they are professionals so you have to trust that they will want to come back as well as possible. “

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