Asian football tournaments to go ahead this year, despite a pandemic, official says

Asia’s top football competitions will go ahead this year, despite the pandemic of coronavirus, a senior official told AFP, although the games can be played behind closed doors.

Windsor John, General Secretary of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), said he was convinced that the Champions League and AFC Cup AFC would both be completed.

both tournaments with teams from all over Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East, are waiting at least until the end of June

“the two will be played this year. We still have time, “John told AFP, adding that new dates for the competitions can be known by the end of April. Covid after 19-shuttered professional sport dans worldwide.

However, John did not rule out the matches without the fans “if that is what the authorities need Heale. “

The AFC is determined for the two tournaments to go ahead” for sporting reasons and to fulfill their commercial obligations, “he said.

His comments came after AFC announced Tuesday the indefinite postponement of all matches scheduled in May and June due to the virus.

the Champions League, the leading club competition in the region, and the second level of the AFC Cup were both suspended in March that the years of pandemic spread forced governments to impose strict travel restrictions.

both tournaments are on a calendarincreasingly tight, with the Champions League 32 TEAM the need to complete four sets of group stage matches in July before the postponed knockout phase begins in August

the group stage of the AFC Cup should also be completd in a race when matches resume.

The finals for both tournaments – which traditionally take a break in July, to avoid the worst of the summer heat in Asia – should be held in November

National leagues are waiting around. the world, including in China, where the sign shows soccer no return despite the optimism epidemic is under control.

prolonged stop in Asia, announced Tuesday, also affects éliminatoir serieses of women’s Olympic qualification with two legs between China and South Korea, which had already been moved to June 1 and 9.

June qualifiers for men 2022 World Cup and 2023 Cup of Asia has been postponed before the announcement of the AFC Tuesday.

Asian football was one of the first victims of the sport of coronavirus pandemic before ccompétitions in Europe – including Euro 2020 -. and the rest of the world were also affected

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