The Top Hiking Flasks of 2023: Keeping Your Drinks and Food Hot in the Great Outdoors

Equipped with the finest hiking flask, you can savor a hot beverage virtually anywhere. Whether it’s coffee, tea, soup, or a hearty pasta dish, these treats taste even better in the great outdoors. Picture yourself perched atop a distant ridge, witnessing the sunrise, immersing yourself in the forest’s symphony, or gazing out at the sea with waves gently caressing your feet.

As the winter hiking season approaches, the best hiking flask transcends luxury and becomes a near necessity. Anyone who ventures into snow-covered terrain knows the comfort of having a warm drink on hand. Winter campers, in particular, appreciate the convenience of having a piping hot beverage ready upon reaching camp.

The finest hiking flasks are meticulously crafted to maintain the temperature of their contents for extended periods. Many include a practical mug as a lid, and they are available in various sizes. Smaller-capacity flasks are ideal companions for fast and lightweight missions, fitting snugly in your hiking backpack. On the other hand, larger options are perfect for car camping and similar outings.

So, whether you’re embarking on a winter wild camp with your best camping tent or seeking a steaming pick-me-up after an invigorating wild swim, our guide to the best hiking flasks has you well-prepared.


Thermos Revival Flask

The Thermos Revival hiking flask exudes an air of timeless heritage, boasting a storied history that spans well over a century. Its technological roots can be traced back to the invention of the vacuum flask by the Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892, a creation that emerged during his supposed research in the field of cryogenics. The name “Thermos” itself is derived from the Greek word “therme,” meaning heat.

These classic-looking flasks, adorned with tartan patterns and evoking a 1960s chic aesthetic, faithfully replicate the beloved original Model 18 design from the brand’s archives. This iconic design has graced family photos and the pages of Famous Five books for as long as anyone alive today can recall.

While the Thermos Revival flask maintains a deliberately retro appearance, its performance remains nothing short of exceptional. It keeps beverages hot for an impressive 18 hours and maintains a refreshing chill for over 24 hours. Furthermore, it ensures the exterior remains at a neutral temperature, preventing any unwanted condensation buildup within your backpack. Although the cup may be relatively small, it securely screws onto the top of the flask, eliminating the risk of separation. The mechanism for opening and closing the main container is straightforward and efficient. In summary, this flask embodies a harmonious blend of elegance, reliability, and functionality—an enduring masterpiece that promises many years of service.


Lifeventure TiV

The Lifeventure TiV range offers a versatile selection of vacuum flasks tailored to your specific needs, accommodating both solo adventurers and large families with its four available sizes. Each TiV flask is thoughtfully copper-coated, enhancing its heat retention capabilities. These flasks excel at keeping your hot beverages at the perfect temperature for up to eight hours, and they maintain the coolness of your drinks for an impressive 24-hour duration (a helpful tip: consider adding ice cubes to extend the cooling effect).

One notable feature is the secure and leak-proof deep screw stopper, which ensures that your flask contents remain intact during your outdoor excursions. To pour a drink, you’ll need to fully unscrew the stopper. When out on the trail, the stainless steel lid serves a dual purpose as a practical drinking cup—a well-proportioned addition that spans across all four flask sizes in the range. Additionally, the slender body of these flasks facilitates effortless one-handed pouring, enhancing their user-friendly design.


Stanley Classic 1.4L/1.5Qt

The lucky individual chosen to carry this colossal flask in their rucksack might initially feel like they’ve drawn the short straw. However, their perspective quickly changes at the first drinks break, and then again at the second and third! The primary advantage of this flask lies in its double-wall vacuum insulation and generous capacity, ensuring that your beverages remain incredibly hot. Stanley proudly boasts a remarkable ‘stay hot’ duration of 40 hours, and if you opt to fill it with ice, it will remain frozen for up to six days!

On the downside, this flask can be a bit of a beast to carry, especially when squeezed into a smaller daypack. While the collapsible handle proves handy for pouring when the flask is full, especially for those without oversized hands, it can occasionally catch on clothing when retrieving the flask from a rucksack.

The Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle’s ubiquity—seen both on building sites and hilltops—speaks volumes about its robust construction quality. It’s a testament to its durability, further backed by a reassuring lifetime warranty.

Cleaning this flask’s bottom may require a longer brush, although it’s dishwasher-safe if your dishwasher can accommodate its size!


Vango Magma 500ml

The vibrant colors adorning the Primus Vacuum Bottle range aren’t just for show on this practical outdoor gear item. The powder coating provides enough grip to unscrew the lid without having to remove your gloves—a significant advantage when the temperature plummets. To pour your drink, simply press down the button in the center of the stopper. While the spout may not be the neatest and isn’t ideal for sipping cold drinks directly from the flask, it does a commendable job of trapping heat inside to maintain drink warmth for extended periods. The “sealed” stopper, however, makes it a bit more challenging to gauge the remaining liquid level in the Primus Vacuum Bottle, requiring hikers to keep count of the poured cupfuls.

The lid doubles as a convenient cup, though, like most flasks in this review, it boasts a relatively modest volume, especially if you’re accustomed to the jumbo-sized cups found at high street coffee shops.

Cleaning the narrow opening post-use can be a bit tricky, especially if you’ve had milk in your coffee or used the flask for soup. Fortunately, long brushes are available for this purpose. Additionally, the click-close button can be disassembled for cleaning, though the process may not be immediately intuitive.


GSI Outdoors Microlite 350

The sleek and stylish GSI Outdoors Microlite 350 Flip brings the spout technology commonly found in water bottles to the realm of maintaining piping hot or ice-cold drinks. Its flip-top lid and pouring spout enable you to sip directly from the flask, which is perfect unless your drink is scalding hot (and be cautious of your dental fillings if you’ve filled the bottle with ice). Alternatively, you can carry a separate mug (as there’s no cup lid on top, unlike the other flasks in this test), making it a versatile choice for commutes, allowing you to have a mug waiting on your office desk.

Despite its slim profile, boasting 2mm walls, the flask can hold a surprisingly large volume of liquid given its compact dimensions. GSI claims it can carry 25 percent more liquid than traditional vacuum bottles of the same size.

The push-button, flip-top cap offers one-handed access, a handy feature when you have a map, GPS, camera, or walking pole in your other hand.

Regarding insulation, the Microlite 350 Flip maintains hot beverages at their desired temperature for up to eight hours and keeps cold drinks refreshingly chilled for as long as 16 hours.

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