US coach Marsch Salzburg looks forward to the return soccer


He became the first American to coach a team in the Champions League and oversaw the remarkable increase Erling Haaland Braut, he was already a memorable season for Jesse Marsch before the pandemic came coronavirus .

Now, the Red Bull Salzburg in Austria coach prepares his team to return to action after a two-month shutdown.

Salzburg have already been training back in small groups, but must resume group training on Friday before hoes Austrian Bundesliga again at the beginning of June.

“We had to get all the tests again today to ensure that no one has had the virus. This is the second time we had tests “Marsch told theAFP Wednesday in a telephone interview.

“We still have to keep the distances in the locker room, and we wear masks in the building. Even on the bench, we’ll keep the distance of one meter between the players and coaching staff. “

In contrast to Germany, where league resumes this weekend, teams in Austria have not been forced into training camps quarantine.

Indeed, if Germany faces quite well with the pandemic to be able to bring back football Austria has probably done even better.

with a population of nearly 9 million, it recorded only 624 fewer deaths and 16,000 cases began to lighten his solitary confinement in mid-April.”If you were here and you

saw how people followed the rules, how they wear masks, how they respect the space of the other, it would give you a lot of confidence that the virus is well contained, “said Marsch, quiétait assistant coach at RB Leipzig in Germany before moving to Salzburg last year.

the lockdown worn aged 46, a native of Wisconsin in Salzburg with his wife and his two son. their 18 year old daughter stayed in Leipzig for complete high school but returned to the family before the border closed countries.

Salzburg has not played since March 8 Then in lockdown, Marsch was on “family, friends and football” and – as everyone, it seems – “have fhad a lot of calls Zoom “

Now the season is back, and the first match Salzburg is attached to the Cup final against second division Austria Lustenau. in late May.

Then he will return to the league, like trying to catch Red Bull team leaders LASK Linz and claim a seventh consecutive title. They are currently ThrVoir points behind.

“At the moment there is a lot of optimism and excitement,” admits Marsch.

Haaland ‘a monster’

Salzburg found things more difficult since losing Haaland and Takumi Minamino Japan Borussia Dortmund Liverpool respectively.

both were underway in Salzburg Champions League they have impressionné against Liverpool and Naples.

Haaland, 19 years old Norwegian, has scored 28 goals in 22 games before joining Dortmund nets nine in his first eight appearances in the German Bundesliga.

“It’s a monster, it is physically gifted in ways that very few people are. There is very little he can not do according to the demands of the game at the highest level,” said Marsch .

“You can see in beings training session and every test set, there were times that were like” wow “and those” wow “moments has to be growing up that sometimes it would be a performance of 90 minutes. “

If the loss Haaland and Minamino winter was a sudden Marsch stressed that youth development isin the heart of the strategy of a club that also have polished players like Liverpool stars Sadio Mané and Naby Keita.

in the defense of US women

Salzburg gave him the opportunity to also make a name for himself as American coach in Europe.

“This is an experience for me to see if my thinking, my way of leadership, relationships, can operate in the most competitive world of sport here in Europe, although I understand Austria is not the highest niveauen Europe. “

He always keeps an eye on comings and goings at the house, however, and was in favor of the women’s national team of the United States who had recently their case to pay the same as their counterpartsmale thrown by a federal judge.

“I felt like these women earn more than the respect of everyone to be treated as heroes and full respect,” said Marsch.

“After the trial being thrown out, yes I emotions for that too, because I like to see them treated fairly.”

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