Supporters torn in Spanish league is preparing to begin recovery behind closed doors


the next reboot month proposed La Liga has left fans of juggling the excitement of the return of football and disappointment that he will resume without them.

More than two months after the pandemic coronavirus stopped the season in Spain, players have started training in small groups as they aim to be as prepared as possible for the intended restart June 12
[ 123] Yet, goals, saves and tackles are all greeted by silence or at best artificial applause approved by the authorities pumped a sound system.

Even for Sevilla against Real Betis, often beating heart Andalucian derby that encapsulates the importance of followers more than any other Spanish unit, the atmosphere will inexistanyou return to the first weekend.

but for the clubs, there yardstick given financial necessity La Liga president Javier Tebas said the cancellation of the season could cost them 1 billion euros (1.08 billion dollars).

“People need their dose of football,” Adolfo Barbero, a commentator on Movistar, primary soccer broadcaster of Spain, told AFP.

“It is that lack for fans to go to matches, but for many now, the priority is to play. They want 22 guys, a ball and a green field, the rest will be for the future. “

For the fans, there is an acceptance that sport back as muted is better than not coming back at all.

“We understand thatFootball without fans is not the football we want, “said Jose Manuel Mateo, president of aficiones Unidas, an association of various fan clubs.

” But given the exnature ceptional situation, we have no choice but to accept. “

” I do not think football can not afford to wait or just stay still until there is a vaccine, which guarantees security, “Mateo said.

In La Liga, playing without the fans are not without cost as the clubs go heavily in the revenue of the day.

But to finish the remaining 11 rounds of the season and the completion of the European competitions would limit losses to about 303 million eurosA third of the figure planned for cancelation.

“Without the fans, it’s not football
Recovery allows players back to work and the staff as well, including many have seen their pay cut in recent weeks.

“Many families also depend football for income, this is passeuls players,” Mateo said.

Playing the last 11 days of the league “behind closed doors is a way to save the season,” admits Gerardo Tocino, president of the supporters club Real Madrid, La Gran Familia.

“Those of us who really feel the colors of a club, what we want is the best for the team, even if it means seeing your players through ascreen. “

But for others, supporters sacrificin g is a solution found too easily and the concern is that in the weeks and months to come, the game will find ways to adapt.

instead of being missed, the fans may feel less necessary than ever.

“Without the fans in the stands, it is not football, it reality television or a television training, but not football,” says Emilio Abejón, secretary general of the Federation of Soc espagnolecer shareholders and partners (FASFE).

“The country is tourism allows the stop, which is the largest company in Spain, but not football. “

Abejón, a fan of Atletico Madrid, said that an important part of football contributiit makes 1.3 percent of GDP of Spain is “the business around football as bars, restaurants, shops,” that all will be closed.

“If football can not go back in reasonable conditions, we believe to be with the people in the stands, it should not come back at all,” said Abejón.

Joseba Combarro, President Eskozia La Brava, the club of the most important supporters in Eibar, said the only option would have been cancelation.

“We understand that we can not go to the stadium because of the risk of infection,” said Combarro. “But the players share the same risk as the fans, the risk is for everyone. The league should be suspended. “

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