Sports authorities “delay” in the reports of the situation of athletes viruses annoys fans


RCD Espanyol striker Wu Lei during a training session in Barcelona, ​​Spain Photo: Yang Ruoyu / GT

Chinese sports fans wonder why the sports authorities were days behind the athletes declare they infected with coronavirus the weekend after three Chinese fencers and a football player were confirmed infected earlier this week.

The fencers were announced to have tested positive for coronavirus in a statement released by the China Association of fencing Friday, two days after the Beijing municipal government announced that there were three cases imported from Hungary Tuesday.

“that our sports authorities are trying to play down the Chinese athletes affected? “Asked a Cilisateur Weibo. “It is strange enough that our sport body must expect Chinese athletes to carry day are infected. “

The world of sport is not immune to the pandemic, as some professional athletes, elite players to the stars of basketball, said they had been infected.

sports medical staff suggested professional athletes can more easily contract because they are immunocompromised regularly in their upper respiratory system, through intense physical activity during training and competing at a professional level.
[123 ] “It is not a problem of the Chinese athletes are affected. Their case shows everyone that deals with virus everyone as “one inbe sports fan said.

Less than a day after the three cases of Chinese fencers have been confirmed, the attacker Wu Lei, the only Chinese player to play in a top European league football level, has been confirmed as infected. the case of Wu raised more concerns.

Espanyol announced Tuesday that six members had been diagnosed with the virus after having conducted tests on 11 March, but the club, sitting up at the bottom of La Liga, will not mention those infected.

Wu infection came under the spotlight after the Spanish radio station Cadena COPE media suggested Friday that Wu was one of the infected players. Wu then released a video via social media on Saturday, saying that the symptoms are almost gone andit is in self-quarantine at home now.

But in social media after the weekly published by Wu on Wednesday (March 18), he did not mention if it is affected or not. The video showed him go but also wear a face mask.

The case of Wu also raised another issue, as Wuavait met the coach of the Chinese national football team March 2 Li Tie, who led later a 16-day training session with the national team of 25 men in Dubai. The team should return to Sanya in the southern province of China Hainan Sunday.

As Espanyol did not reveal when and where Wu was infected, speculation has mounted on all of the national team after the coach Li met themDubai March 5

“The meeting between Li and Wu Li means became a close contact of a new coronavirus patient … then Li led all the workout of the team, so that all players in the national team and the coaching staff should be quarantined “, a Weibo user said.” the health of the athletes must be a priority. “

Some sports fans has also praised Super League club Shandong Luneng to confirm Belgjoueur ian star Marouane Fellaini tested positive Sunday, shortly after health authorities reported the case without mentioning his identity.

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