Serie A torn on return to action


One month after Serie A saw last ball kicking, mad-Italy football is torn about whether to return to action or scrap the season that continued coronavirus crisis keep the nation on lockdown.

without end dates have been proposed from May to September and October, depending on “when health permits. “

the Mediterranean countries was under siege from the Covid-19 disease is taken on 22 February, and no serial games has have been played since March 9

in the middle of the health crisis that has killed nearly 18,000 people in the country, the best Italian clubs are at loggerheads about when is best to take this season, if ever

governedLombardy is -. Home to Inter Milan and AC Milan – 9722 Deaths recorded while the neighboring Piedmont region of origin of champions Juventus, has also been hit hard.

Among the most vocal proponents of the season being scrapped clubs in the North, such as Brescia and Turin.

President Massimo Cellino Brescia warned last week his club, who are at the epicenter of the epidemic of Italy, were willing to give up their games if the season resumes, saying that [123 ] “return to the state is pure madness. “
Brescia has opted for a more conciliatory tone Wednesday, saying in a statement,” the resumption of the championship is possible that the club wants to avoid respecting the sad reality of Brescia. “

Torino President Urbano Cairo has decided, “For me the championship is over. Title will not be Awarded. “

But Lazio President Claudio Lotito, whose club is second, one point behind Juventus as they chase their first title in two decades, wanted to return.

Juventus are also looking to a return to action they seek a ninth consecutive “scudetto”.

Juvetus president Andrea Agnelli, as head of the European club Association, issued a joint letter with the leagues of UEFA and Europe, declaring: “Any decision to drop the national competition is at this stage, premature and not justified”

foreign players recalled.
Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora and Italy Italian Football Federation (FIGC) chief Gabriele Gravina have already begun to lay the foundations for a return.

Gravina met with members of the FIGC Mediccommission al Wednesday to analyze the situation and develop a protocol for recovery.

“If and when we have the green light for a gradual recovery, the world of football has to be ready,” said Gravina.

“Given the role football plays in Italian society, I am convinced that we can make an important contribution to the country. “

The date, however, remains uncertain although Gravina considered several options.

At present, 24 May seems to be the earliest and June 7the last, with 13 rounds of games to play in some cases until mid-July.

with the dates in the clubs of mind began to recall the foreign players who had left Italy and the need to respect the two-week quarantine on their return.

With the moinstrois weeks of preparation required, and the current ban running until April 13, the training would resume at the end of the month. But some players are skeptical.

“We are eager to go, but we know that it is a global pandemic, some things are bigger and more important than football,” Roma England defender Chris Smalling said on Twitter.

“We know there will be lots of games to playin a short time, so we must be ready for it. “

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