Scenarios for a potential return to the Premier League


major English football players will meet on Friday to discuss their options to save a season derailed by the outbreak of coronavirus.

The Premier League campaign has been postponed at least until April 30 because of the pandemic, but the chances of a return may look dark

AFP Sport looks more closely scenarios that are likely to be taken into account in discussions on whether and how to end the season :.

Go behind closed doors

option is for clubs to converge on a neutral place where all the remaining games are played behind closed doors, with only the staff and broadcastersEssential allowed to participate.

It is considered to support growing between clubs that plan, with nine sets of potentially online games to be staged in June and July.

Fixtures would have played in one or two places in the Midlands and London.

This could mean that the players and coaches to be quarantined away from their families in the world cup style camps to avoid infection with stadiums, hotels and training centers undergo a thorough cleaning.

a radical recovery test of the virus in the UK over the next two months is the key to this plan for several reasons.

first, to ease concernsof Covid-19 player contracts while playing, but also critical to avoid privileged professional players tested with mild or no symptoms if it is not available to the general public and especially the front-line workers.

If the curve of the case are not substantially flattened come summer the perspective of the Premier League to have medical officials to spurious events would also not good.

Playing the waiting game

Given the massive impact of the virus on society in general, is seen in some circles as morally inappropriate for football to come back too soon.

instead of rushing back to action until the virus is complètement under control before the resumption of the game is the preferred strategy in this scenario.

With the virus would have to peak in the UK in June, which could mean staying in sports lockdown until August or September.

awaiting allow the current season to fill in full, ensuring the Premier League does HAV pase to pay about 750 million pounds ($ 930 million) to TV companies for breach of contract.

But it would have a huge ripple effect for next season, which could lead to a shortened schedule in 2020-21 in order to be ready for the Championship behind Europe.

Tottenham striker Harry Kane believes the country should be canceled if it can not be termiborn by the end of June.

“Playing in July or August to push next season, I have not see too” said Kane.

Cancel the season [ 123]

in what would be the worst scenario for the Premier League, some want clubs would abandon the current season immediately.

officials English football club believe eavant is “no place for the sport at the time,” according to a recent report in the Athletic.

FA Chairman Greg Clarke reportedly told the Premier League earlier last month, he does not believe that the season is over.

Stating the season in could trigger a lawsuit from a host of clubs, regardless of the classification are allowed to count or not.

Liverpool needs only two more wins to confirm their first league title since 1990 and hold a lead of 25 points over Manchester City.

Canceling the season would scupper their hopes of ending a drought of title 30 years, unless it was agreed to declare champions anyway.

Manchester United, Wolves, Sheffield United and Tottenham, currently outside of all the first four, surely will claim they were unfairly denied a chance of qualifying for the Champions League.

Aston Villa would be relegated with Norwich and Bournemouth, but the team of Dean Smith would indicate the game in hand which raise above Watford to safety if they have won.

In the championship, the first two courses are Leeds and West Bromwich Albion and they would be furious if a “void” the decision robbed a lucrative promotion.

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