Rooney blasts handling Premier League payline


Wayne Rooney has criticized the British government and the Premier League to place footballers in an “impossible situation” on proposed pay cuts after the players were asked to make sacrifices during the crisis coronaviruses.

the former England captain, now playing with the Championship side Derby, penned a passionate column in The Sunday Times saying in the broader response of his colleagues professionals were “easy targets” the pandemic.

He came after the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA) said the proposed 30 percent pay cut could hurt British National State Health Service (NHS) because it would hit tax revenues.

Rooney said he had the means and the will to make financial contributions, either as wage cuts or Donati directsons for the NHS, but felt the public pressure on the players was useless.

The strategy proposed in the Premier League involving a combination of reductions and deferrals pay up to 30 percent of wages, was discussed during a conference call with representatives of players and officials Saturday.

the first discussions already taking place before politicians, including Secretary of Health Matt Hancock, called for action.

“If the government approached me to help nurses or buy financial support of the fans, I would be proud to do so -as I knew where the money went, “Rooney wrote

added 34 years ,. “I’m in a place where I could give something. Not every footballer is in the same position. Yet suddenly the entire profession has been put on the spot with pay cuts demand by 30 percent overall. Why football players suddenly scapegoats?

“How the days have played is a shame. ”

The Premier League was considered overdue other European leagues in its response to coronavirus and was accused by a British MP to operate in a” moral vacuum “.

But Rooney questioned the wisdom of the Premier League to preempt behind the scenes talks involving players its own sweeping reduction proposals. “In my view, it is now an inextricable situation,” he said. “No matter how you look at it, we’re easy targets. ”

He said the contribution of the Premier League of 20 million pounds for the NHS was” a drop in the ocean “compared to the amount clubs would save Washingtoncoupes with age.

He questioned why the stars of other sports are not subject to similar attention.

The former England striker Gary Lineker echoed the sentiments of Rooney, told the BBC that football players he had spoken were “desperately keen” to offer help, but are a target easy.

“Why not utilize all the rich louser try to help if they can possibly rather than simply choosing the footballers? “He said.

“No one seems to mention the bankers, business leaders, huge millionaires. Are they standing? Are they asked to get up? We do not know. ”

warning PFA

The ATP said its members wanted to play their role but warned that proposed 30 percent wage reduction would cost the country 200 million pounds of perdudes tax revenues.

Gareth Southgate England would have taken 30 percent pay cut, although the Football Association has yet to confirm the move.

A handful of top flight clubs including champions last yrdenying League finalists Liverpool and Tottenham have opted for non-game furlough staff using the safety net for the maintenance of employment system of government.

former Liverpool players, including Jamie Carragher has strongly criticized the move by the European champions, who in February announced pre-tax profits of £ 42 million for 2018-19.

Manchester City said they would not furloughing employees. British Press Association was approved the position of the club and the staff informed before the position of Liverpool was made public.

“We are determined to protect our people, their jobs and our company,” City said in a statement.

former teammate United Angleterre and Manchester Rooney Gary Neville, now a leading distributor, was highly critical of the Premier League.

“the PL handle the CV [coronavirus] terrible crisis,” he wrote on Twitter, before presenting a list of perceived missteps, including their slowness to impose solitary confinement and “PR disaster “of furloughing.

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