Restart hard blow to the Bundesliga


The plans of Germany to restart the competitive soccer, May 16, suffered a first setback after the entire second level Dynamo Dresden team were placed in quarantine for two weeks after two coronavirus positive tests.

The Bundesliga 2 announced on their website on Friday that tests conducted revealed two new positive cases and local health authorities ordered the quarantine team.

“After a thorough analysis of the situation, the Dresden. .. health authority decided Saturday that the team second division, including team coaching and support, has now enter forty 14 days at home, “said the club.

” due measuresquarantine [club] will not be able to travel to Lower Saxony for the match outside the 26 day as planned, “the club added.

Dresden had to play Hannover 96 May 17 in their first game back following the ruling that was caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

“In the past few weeks, we have made tremendous efforts in terms of personnel and logistics to strictly enforce all medical and hygiene measures prescribed” said Dynamo sporting director Ralf Minge.

“We are in contact with the health authority responsible and the DFL [German Football League] to coordinate all subsequent steps. The fact is that we can not form or participate in the game in the next 14 playedrs. “

The Bundesliga announced last week that it would reopen May 16 after receiving the green light from the government.

The league has developed a set détaillédes regulations and guidelines for the training and the matches to reduce the mininum possible the risk of HIV transmission, including rigorous. tests

However, the question of how to respond to positive tests out of the hands of the league as the German law provides an answer to the case comes to local. health authority

chief executive Christian Seifert said the DFL broadcaster ZDF that the goal was always to end the season.

” we said from the beginning that this is something that we must be prepared for, “he dit. “If forty 14 days is now expected, then we must face next week in the spirit of the game plan.

” For now, however, it does not upset our schedule. The DFL has been working on this concept for a long périoded, we have always stressed that it is the local health authorities who decide on each individual case, each team.

“In the second division, where 81 games left, two matches of Dynamo Dresden can not be played yet. But we do not change our goal to finish the season.”
[123 ] league is waiting since mid-March because of the outbreak of coronavirus that brought football to stop the world and the progress of Germany’s closely watched par other leagues.

Monday, DFL said it had recorded 10 positive cases for hedging test 1,724 players and staff of his division clubs 36 first and second.

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