Private soccer players in Europe are trying to fill the “great void”


Mowing, play football with your dog, turn on the TV … soccer players in Europe are struggling to bridge the “great void” created by the coronavirus stop.

Many write about the unfamiliar experience on social media. Some have already come to the conclusion that “there is nothing to do. “

Real Madrid players, forced quarantine in a case of coronavirus in the basketball team of the club have been training at home, where most of them already had facilities equipment.

Captain Sergio Ramos posted a video on Instagram showing him sprinting on a treadmill.

Marco Asensio, who suffered a knee injury last summer, posted a video showing that it continuesrecovery program in his garden.

But even for athletes used pourtravailler, there is a limit.

“I am here in my garden, there is nothing to do”, the French striker Karim Benzema said in a video on social media where he appeared with his dog sides which earned him a comparison with Will Smith in the post-apocalyptic movie I Am Legend.

Fabien Talker, a basketball Real Madrid goalkeeper, has launched a live video channel to show its quarantine challenge.

He took athletes and celebrities in excercise simultaneous three minutes with Thibaut Courtois, the goalkeeper of Real Madrid, and NBA star and former Real Madrid teammate Luka Doncic.

In Barcelonaplayers follow a set of “specific and personalized” program by the club that monitors their efforts remotely using biometric tags.

In Italy, JuventusLe midfielder Douglas Costa is filmed practicing his dribbling in his back garden with his dog struggling to fill the role of defender.

Alexis Sanchez, on loan to Inter Milan, has two dogs Golden Retriever and a much larger garden, but he comfortably beat in a video he posted online. He also posted pictures of himself shirtless, pick cut wood.

Jessica Melena, wife of Ciro Immobile posted a cooking video on Instagram, showing the striker Lazio waving a spatula and mix a while cakewas his coach.

Motionless released its own video in which he juggles with plush toys with his feet.

Belgian forward Dries Mertens Napoli posted pictures of a workout with a huge bottle of red wine.

In France, the Strasbourg midfielder Adrien Thomasson was looking forward to another week empty.

“We have nothing to do in the middle of the season, it’s never happened before. Our habits have been disrupted, “he said.

Thomasson is a fan of skiing, but other sports are also stopped leaving a “big hole” for this ski enthusiast. “I’ll watch the series, movies, it will be really limited. “

Television is also the refuge forJames Lea Siliki a Rennes midfielder, who tweeted the time a couple of French quiz shows. Later, he admitted a passion for a French TV karaoke show, adding, “I’ll spare you my voice. “

Romain Thomas, an advocate of Angers, said his daily routine involved jogging, gardening and watching TV French reality.

He said he spoke to his teammates. “We said to another, ‘Look, it’s a beautiful day, it’s time to mow. Then I mowed the lawn in the garden, it gives me time to think about anything else. “

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