Premier League players face tough new training protocols


Premier League players are set to be subjected to a strict control regime if they are to return to training in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, according to British media reports.

The BBC said Tuesday it had seen a copy of the official sent to all protocols 20 Premier League clubs detailing the need for corner flags, balls, cones, goal posts and even playing surfaces disinfected after each training session.

other steps in the direction include twice- weekly test, and a daily pre-training questionnaire and check the temperature.

If a positive test player, with or without symptoms, they will be forced to isolate themselves for sevendays.

All players must travel to an individual training ground and avoid public transport. Once there, they will not be allowed to gather in public and will not be fed into the local parties.

Tackling and contact will reportedly be prohibited for the first phase of training the team.

Meanwhile the club’s medical staff must wear protective equipment when handling players.

a meeting involving players, the Professional Association of footballers and the British government on issues of safety and health around a potential restart of the game was made on Wednesday.

PFA Gordon Taylor CEOsaid its members would be open to playing again provided “everything that can be done is done” to ensure their safety.

“We must try, see if we can do it and see if we can return to some form of activity,” Taylor told the Mirror.

“But it is also too cautious and having as many guarantees as possible that it is achievable. “

However, England internationals Danny Rose and Raheem Sterling are the last two top players to raise their concerns about a return to a contact sport when the rest of the company is advised to follow the social distancing guidelines.

‘lives at risk

“the moment we faisounds go back, it just needs to be a time when it is not only for footballing reasons, it is safe not only for our football players, but the entire medical staff, referees, “said Sterling her YouTube channel.

During this time Rose, on loan at Newcastle Tottenham, said live Instagram, “people’s lives are in danger.

“football should not be even talked back until lachiffres declined massively. “

A further complication for the restart project is where games will be played, the opposing clubs to a proposal for a limited number of neutral venues to use.

previously declared national police head football UK repreing the matches on a base and take home would be “challenges” to emergency services.

But Mark Roberts said Tuesday that the police, government and football working together a plan “that minimizes the risk to public safety and unnecessary pressure on public services, but makes a sensible restart the season. “

London Mayor Sadiq Khan came against the idea of ​​playing matches in the capital at this point, the city has been particularly affected by ee pandemic.

Five of the 20 Premier League sides are based in London.

“With the country still plagued by this crisis, and hundreds of people die every day, he believes it is too early to discussthe resumption of the Premier League and the sport of flying high in the capital, “spokesman Khan told the Evening Standard.

Premier League clubs face having to pay a huge refund to broadcasters, even if they finish the season disrupted virus behind closed doors.

broadcasters would be reimbursed for the matches are not played as expected, and the lack of atmosphere in empty stadiums is also a factor.

The BBC reported the bill could be as high as 340 million pounds ($ 420 million) and invade to 760 million pounds if the seasoned may not be completed.

Premier League chief Richard Master Management has already warned against 1 billione loss books when no gate receipts is taken into account.

New government guidelines paved the way for elite sport back behind closed doors in England from June 1.

Britain has been one of the most affected by the global pandemic, the British government officially registered and more than 32,000 deaths Covid-19.

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