Premier League gets green light to restart in June


Premier League clubs have received a boost to their hopes of finishing the season Monday, as the government issued a “roadmap” that could see the return of elite sport in England from 1 June

as the 20 top flight English clubs met for further discussions on the ministers’ restart project “announced plans to facilitate locking of coronavirus.

In step 2 of the process, which can not start all before June 1, sports events would be allowed “to take place in camera for broadcast, while avoiding the risk of social contact large scale. “

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he believed that the return of the sport on television would”Provide much blow -needed thumb national morale. “

The proponents face a long wait to be allowed to matches of attend, but recent guidelines withthe recognizing a return to the sport in front of a crowd” can not be entirely possible depending more later on reducing the number of infections. “

Premier League clubs have been planning a return to action sooner than the week beginning June 8.

Before the resumption of matches can be seen, the protocols must agree on how to go back to the formation of the group safely and on how the Premier League deal of positive tests.

confirmed Brighton Sunday a third membere their team had tested positive.

cases have also been found in the squads in Germany where the Bundesliga should restart this weekend, as well as Italy, Spain and Portugal in recent days. “We have created and tested protocols

, we UNLA specialist company named, but the important consultation with players and managers is the next step,” said the Premier League CEO Richard Masters.

“No decision will be made until we have spoken to the players and managers and these meetings are scheduled for later this week.”

‘We are people just too

players have expressed their concerns about the prospect easily withoure precipitate back in training and possibly playing a contact sport at a time when the rest of the public are encouraged to respect the social distancing directives.

The United Kingdom was one of the most affected countries in the world in a pandemic, the government officially recording nearly 32,000 deaths of people who had tested positive for Covid-19.

“We are people justeo,” tweeted Norwich midfielder Todd Cantwell on Sunday.

There is also disagreement about where the 92 matches of the season would be played .

League leaders believed they would get only the government green light to restart if the games were held in a limited number of neutral venuess to reduce medical, police, security and distribution of staff needed.

a number of clubs near the bottom of the table talked openly about their opposition to the plan because they believe it would increase the risk of being relegated.

“With all these compromises and risks to health requires us to finish a competition that bears no resemblance to the one we started,” the chairman of Watford and chief executive Scott Duxbury told the website club.

the highest til table are also concerned about the prospect of having to repay the sponsors who paid for the naming rights of their stadiums.

“I think everyone prefers to play at home and away, if possible. And I thinkit is clear to see that some clubs feel more strongly about it than others “, added masters.

“We are in contact with the authorities and listen to these tips while representing the club views in these discussions. “

view to appease the club struggling at the bottom by removing relegation this season also seems more after the English Football Association has rejected the idea and said the Premier League that the final ranking should be based on the “sports Awards” there are more games can be played.

Masters admitted the Premier League for the first time had held discussions on how the league would be decided whether the matches can not restart, but said
no clubs had toEQUEST relegation to be scrapped.
“All I can go is what we discuss in our. meetings and you specifically asked about the scrapping relegation while playing the season, and that was never raised in our official meetings at all, “he said

. “This was the first time we have discussed reduction – it is still our objective is to finish the season obviously, but it is important to discuss all options with our clubs.

“conclusions were reached on all other models. These are future conversations, we may need to have.”

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