No relegation if more play, says the owner of Brighton


It is unlikely that any relegation from the English Premier League if the end of the season with more possible to play because of the epidemic coronavirus, Brighton and Hove Albion owner Tony Bloom told the British press.

Premier League clubs met on Friday to discuss possible models to finish the season, but all options remained hypothetical after the British government extended restrictions lockdown for three weeks.

Brighton two points clear of the relegation zone with nine matches remaining when the league was brought to a halt on March 13

If the season ended with longer possible play Liverpool claim the title and Norwich City, Aston Villa and Bournemouthwould decrease.

relegation means any financial share of success in the région100 million and $ Bloom thinks it unlikely that the demand for 70 percent of the clubs would vote to send three teams down.

“It would be very difficult to relegate someone, especially in the Premier League, if the season hasn ‘t played,” Bloom said.

“you can get a title winner obviously deserve Liverpool it, you can use the European qualification criteria, but I do not see how you can vote for it, certainly percent necessary for teams to get relegated. “

with some teams having more games remaining than others, another proposal is that determine the positionfinal of a club by the average number of points they have earned per game.

Bloom thought this to succeed even less likely.

“I do not foresee a situation, if the n of played saisonot, as the teams relegated to a base ppg” said Bloom.

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