Nations World Cup with a unique appearance


The men of Brazil the best in the World Cup. They not only won five times, but they are only the national team have been to all 21 tournaments – and they will definitely should be there at the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, if and when the South American qualifiers scheduled to start in September can start.

While Brazil are in the thin air, there are many nations that have a much less extensive record. Qatar, the hosts of the next World Cup, to be the first to take place in winter because of the heat in the Middle Eastern nation, are still playing their first game of the World Cup. They hope to make history when the tournament kicks off.

This will be a first World Cup for the Current holders AFC Asian Cup, a title they won in the UAE last year after an impressive tournament. When they play, they will be the last to add their names to the list of countries with solitary World Cup.

The most recent of these are Panama and Iceland made their debut at the last World Cup in Russia in 2018. Panama were drawn with England, Belgium and Tunisia – with the two ongoing European side to reach the semi-finals, Panama lost three matches but took the lead in their last game against Tunisia. Iceland drew with 2014 finalists Argentina in their final opening group matchBut lost to Nigeria and potential finalists Croatia

Bosnia and Herzegovina have made their first appearance at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014 -. And like Iceland four ansplus later they would be drawn with Argentina and Nigeria and Iran. national glory was achieved with a first goal of the World Cup in his loss to Argentina in the future finalist Maracana before the story was done with a 3-1 win over Iran in their last group match.

Slovakia came out of the group stages in their first World Cup in 2010 in South Africa. The biggest shock was that in a group with the new boys, Paraguay, New Zealand and Italy, he won four times and e championsNo title that finished bottom of the group. Slovakia has ensured that with a 3-2 win over Italy before losing 2-1 in the second round to eventual finalists the Netherlands.

The 2006 World Cup in Germany saw four teams one and only appearance to date. Angola, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago etL’Ukraine made their bows and it was a mixed bag for the new boys.

Trinidad and Tobago drew their first match, taking a point from Sweden, but lost to England and Paraguay; Angola lost to Portugal before two draws with Mexico and Iran; and Togo lost to South Korea, Switzerland and France. Ukraine was the only team in the next round – back from a 4-0 opening loss to Spain with wins over the Arabie Arabia and Tunisia. They beat Switzerland on penalties to Italy in the quarters, where they lost 3-0.

Underachieving Team China

Four years ago in Japan and South Korea co-hosted the 2002 World Cup, China were the biggest names beginners to tournament. A tough draw put them in the same group as Brazil, Turkey and Costa Rica. It has commencéavec a 2-0 loss to Central Americans before a 4-0 defeat to Brazil and a 3-0 victory for Turkey.

Jamaica went to France to their only World Cup in 1998 and the Reggae Boyz had a difficult group. Argentina, other new boys Croatia and Japan stood their way and started with VictoirE 3-1 for Croatia before a 5-0 walkover for Argentina. Jamaica took his first and so far only three points at a World Cup with a 2-1 victory over Japan in the last match.

There were no teams in USA 1994 who have not played before or since, making it one of the few world cups in this regard with 1966, 1962, 1954 and since 1950 the recovery post-war tournament. Italia 1990 saw the mark UAE which is to date their only appearance at the World Cup. They face Colombia, the eventual winners West Gllemagne and Yugoslavia. They lost all three games :. 2-0, 5-1 and 4-1, respectively

Iraq and Canada call the Mexico 1986 World Cup at the top of thesisters footballing achievements. Neither side won a point. Iraq faces the hosts, Paraguay and Belgium, while Canada had the Soviet Union, France and Hungary. Kuwait has made to Spain in 1982 where they won a point in their match against Czechoslovakia, before a 4-1 defeat against France and a 1-0 defeat to England.

kick incident

The same happened in Zaire (now the DRC) and Haiti at the World Cup 1974 in Germany of ‘Where is. The two sides failed to get a point, even if Mwepu Ilunga Zaire made a gain infamy for kicking the ball at a free kick. They also lost 9-0 to Yugoslavia in their second game of group, which remains a record, and was sandwiched between the defeats to Scotland and Brazil. Haiti scored against Italy and Argentina – losing 3-1 and 4-1 – but it was on either side of a 7-0 loss to Poland.

an appearance of Israel so far came in 1970. The defeat of Uruguay in Mexico was followed by draws with Sweden and Italy, but they still have down their group.

The most successful play one side World Cup before Ukraine was in Wales in 1958 in Sweden. They finished second in their group behind the hosts with three draws as they beat Hungary in a playoff before losing 1-0 to Brazil. It was a feat matched by Cuba in France in 1938, before the group stages. Cuba beat Romania on penalties before a 8-0 loss to Sweden, while other one-time Indonesia lost 6-0 to Hungary in the first round.

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