milk jugs and GPS: football training at the age of 19-Covid


Inter Miami captain Luis Robles never imagined his first months in South Florida would be like this.

There are two weeks, the football goalkeeper veteran Major League prepared to lead a new franchise of David Beckham in their first ever home game.

But 48 hours before that highly anticipated flagship game against lA Galaxy on March 14, pandemic coronavirus led the American sports world stopped.

He left Robles and his teammates in limbo, unable to properly train and in the dark about when the season resumed.

With facilities MLS shuttered, Robles and his teammates were required to improvise good stay.

“It is a situation without precedesnt and it is really difficult to find a place to train, but plusCe is important is to continue to follow the instructions of health officials, “Robles said during a conference call on Wednesday.

to be creative

“We’ve all been to find time in the day to carve training regime given to us. Most of it is running, then two days a week, there is a part of the force.

“You can do it at home. I do not have the weight, but one of the examples used in resistance training fills a gallon milk jug and use it as a weight . I have done for some of the exercises is a creative market waye to training. ”

Fortunately for Robles, some of his teammates live in the suburbs of Florida while pounding the streets did not seem like a chore to him.

” I am not a runner, “ilm’a said.” But running with some of the other guys who live near keeps me motivated and responsible

. “He also helped me to work on part of my game – endurance – that is often overlooked as a guard during the past two weeks, which is probably an aspect of my training that I will seek to continue to improve when return to normal “[123.. ]
Robles however enjoyed spending time with his young family during this unexpected break encore a career change is not on the horizon.

“the only thing that was obvious to my wife and me is that we are not made for home schooling,” he said. “We learn on the fly”

US international midfielder Wil Trapp Miami was also forced out of his comfort zone.

“it is an exercise in how to be creative,” he said. ” I use a lot of things but I bodyweight was ordained many things online and building my own gym at home. I wanted to do for a while and this prompted me to do as a necessity . ”

GPS tracking
personalized training plans are changed depending on the position witha distance being GPS tracking system implementation to allow Diego Alonso coach and his staff to track progress.

Video meetings are also conducted regularly in the team and have been well received.

“It is incredible in 2020 what resources are out there so that even in light of this situation, we can do business and continue to gradually look at how we can improve as an team “said Robles.

” to keep midfielders we have video meetings and reviewing aspects of our style of play both a defensive posture and attack “added Trapp.

“We gave clips and then asked for solutions. We still thoughter and learn. For me, it’s exciting to have football duties. ”

Former New York Red Bulls goalkeeper Robles, in his role as representative of the team, participated in a broad appeal Conference League Tuesday with MLS chief Garber for the latest updates various authorities try to cope with the crisis.

“[Garber] is corresponding constantly with all owners around the league to obtain real-time information and what are the implications for us all to go forward, “Robles said.” MLS look at all the options and scenarios. ”

for the moment, everything remains mired i. No uncertainty

” Sooner or later we will be back to normal, but ce time, the most important thing is that we must do what it takes to flatten the curve ”

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