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With the world gradually loosens solitary confinement as the pandemic Wanes coronavirus, football starts again. Spain La Liga, one major league high level of Europe, hopes to resume Thurs., June 12 and La Liga has set up a joint venture with the Mediapro group and Super Sports Media to build capacity business in China. Global Times reporter Lu Wenao (GT) has a chance to speak with Sergi Torrent (Torrent), general manager of La Liga in China and CEO of the new Spanish company Commercial Football and Marketing Company (FSCA).

GT: Why La Liga decided to establish a company in China when the outbreak of coronavirus force a judgment

Torrents sports industry of the country: Sepuis the implementation of the Liga in China in 2014, we have enjoyed sustained growth in all aspects. This joint venture with the best companies in their segment as Mediapro and Super Sports Media will allow us to accelerate our strategy and our sponsoring companies for licenses in China. While the epidemic coronavirus stopped the entire industry worldwide, the signing of this joint venture just shows a strong La Liga commitment to continue to develop and invest in China
[123 ] GT :. Due to the impact of Covid-19, La Liga is also suspended, which means less exposure of the players and the league. How Liga maintain its popularity et even increase its popularity during this period

Torrents: La Liga has millions of passionate fans worldwide who have demonstrated their media to their favorite clubs and players, even during this difficult time. As a product of entertainment, our job is to provide the entertainment to our fans. While they were not able to watch their games a week, we made sure to launch a series of campaigns involving all clubs and players to our fans of eSports tournaments and a music festival in line with the best musicians and football players to the additional programming of our broadcasters. Because of our great social impact, we also use our influence tonsibiliser people against Covid-19 and collected funds from fans and partners to support frontline workers

GT :. What La Liga do to keep players safe and coronavirus staff as it plans to return to competition June 12

Torrents: since the beginning of the outbreak of Covid-19 Spain, La Liga has worked with the government and health authorities of Spain to ensure a safe return for all the players and staff that their health and welfare is of paramount importance. For this, we created detailed security protocols and even shared with other leagues. Ideally, La Liga will be back on June 12, but wedo according to health authorities in Spain

GT :. Fans are also part of the game. But under current conditions, it is more reasonable to have played games behind closed doors. Will this have an impact on the quality of the game in terms of atmosphere

Torrents: Play camera seems to be the best solution at the moment, but thanks to the investment made by La Liga on production dansces TV last few years, I am convinced that the fans will be cheering and experience of la Liga with the same intensity and excitement as they always did.

GT: Will La Liga try a new strategy to attract more fans to watch the games while earning additional income of t rightsélévision after the resumption of play?

Torrents: We have a long-term contract with media SUPERSPORTS in the field of media rights and are working together to provide the best possible experience to our fans around the world. We are always innovating and investing in this direction. It is to provide the best experience for our fans. We do not think in the short term

GT :. How do you think the league can offset losses incurred during the epidemic? The League of specific policy Toward the clubs that are not very high profile and could suffer a severe financial crisis in the outbreak

Torrents: The coronavirus pandemic hit the world and it has also affected the industrie sport. Fortunately, La Liga has implemented back in 2012 the financial controls that ensures the financial health of all La Liga clubs, which allows our league to remain in a state of equilibrium. That said, we also offered our support and advice to our clubs in order to minimize potential losses, even if this pandemic will obviously affect all concerned. Towards the resumption of the competition is the best way to reduce the financial damage.

GT: Recently, a Chinese Super League club was disbanded because of a massive financial crisis. Income edéséquilibre Xpense has besieged Chinese clubs long. Is La Liga have advice or experience in maintaining healthfinancial he could share with Chinese clubs

Torrents: La Liga has implemented rigorous financial controls that all clubs must follow to ensure the league’s financial health. We have a close relationship with Parliament and both the CFA and CSL, CSL and we work together to share our expertise in a variety of subjects, including financial control. That said, each league has its characteristics and challenges and I am sure CSL handles these situations in the best possible way

GT :. Many Chinese fans worried that La Liga will keep the promotion and relegation mêmesi the season can be reached, will the Spanish League high level no longer have the joueurs of Chinese football, such as Wu Lei who plays for Espanyol? Is this concerns the Liga if Wu, whose presence will undoubtedly strengthen the presence of the Liga in China, is to play in the league

Torrents: As a league-high La Liga is very competitive and our over 90 years of history, there are only three clubs (Athletic Bilbao, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid) who have never been relegated to the second division. There are still 11 matchdays to go, and honestly, anything can happen. That’s the beauty of football, there are no spoilers! And from now on, RCD Espanyol is a first division club.

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