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Die Angst of Tormanns beim Elfmeter is probably better known by its English title The fear of the trouble the goalkeeper.

The book, written by Peter Handke, was adapted by the author in 1972 the German -language film remains a cult classic for nearly 50 years.

In a guard named Joseph Bloch (played by Arthur Brauss) Wanders ground in the middle of a game instead wander the streets of Berlin. From there, the plot includes murder and attempts to rekindle the affections of a former lover before hiding in plain sight.

The title of the film, which is also known as the anxiety of the goalkeeper to kick penalty, has a scene at the end.

goalkeeper was in the crowd at a football game and thxplique a sales voyagel’homme of business, it is with what happens in the mind of a goalkeeper until a penalty kick.

An existential crisis worthy of a detective film is the answer, or some would say you’re better off not knowing about the thought. process goalkeepers at all

Outfield players – and managers who do not play in the net during their own playing days -. tend to be of the opinion that a certain mental makeup to play in goal

of all the positions in football, it is where you are most likely to be blamed if something goes wrong and the one with the least margin for error.

As football fans we thereforerarely remember backups, although they can also have a significant effect on the evolution of momentum scoreline or a game. We remember the mistakes well enough. They get COMPIconduit in season-ending reminders video for posterity, or at least they did, they now tend to share instantly on social media.

But that’s the point where there is no blame Divide (as long as no goaltending coaches are playing, of course), these goals where nothing can be done?

the guard here is often forgotten, despite playing as much as he charged up that objective. [
123] which, for example, remembers the goalkeeper who was playing when Roberto Carlos markedé a free kick in the tournament in 1997

Carlos dined this for years – he probably still is, actually – and also earned him a reputation as a free kick taker in the dreaded football. This reputation may deserve to be looked at again after his career ended without another physical defying kick score.

The answer to that was the victim of a shot that bypassed the wall appearing to go off before the leadership change in the way that most football players, except for the middle taxi trips round of the season (or commitments to do a contract) was Fabien Barthez.

guardian of France that fateful day would have his revenge 12 months later, when the two partiesmet in the final of the World Cup in Paris and the game ended with the hosts crowned world champions.

Barthez would continue to play its football club Manchester United, where he summarized memorable everthing on goalkeepers. There was the same ritual pre-game with Laurent Blanc when defender kissed his head that had won the World Cup France, there was catastropherreurs ic, and there were amazing saves.

The forgettable

There was also forgettable -. and not when he tried to get Alex Ferguson to play in the front to the side in a pre-season friendly

Barthez was the United goalkeeper afternoon of 1 October 2000 when it was co Francemate Thierry Henry the ball with his back to goal, flicked around the corner and before he bounced a volley on the turn over Barthez in goal Highbury.

is one of the English Premier League goals definition and Henry’s praise is rightly audacity, ingenuity and impudence to try it. Barthez for his part, and he probably had the best view in the house, has been forgotten.

mêmeOn could say of those poor soul to pick the ball out of the net after the greatest goals in the game.

Wherever there is a purpose, there a goalkeeper with his head in his hands and looking in disbelief or yelling at his defenders before placing the ball out of the goal for restart.

Olvier Kahn will certainly remember the last 90 seconds of the final against Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League 1999. The German goalkeeper has little trouble, but had to pick the ball out of his goal twice the English club came back from 1-0 to enter the injury time to win 2-1. When the collective memories are exercised by United fans on May 26 this year, the 21st anniversary, some will remember Kahn.

It will be the same way with the England fans who robjectif wonderful solo Ecount Paul Gascoigne agaisnt Scotland at Euro ’96. Gascoine gets the ball Darren Anderton and takes his stride as he advances Wembley turf towards the Scotland goal. One touch and the ball sailse over Colin Hendry before the house of Gascoigne. The following image is the ball hitting the back of the net, then this iconic celebration. Scotland goalkeeper Andy Goram is forgotten, despite one of the kits goalkeeper catching that set a new standard of visibility

Choose any purpose -. And we watch a lot of them as the break of football because of the threat to extend coronavirus bar across the few countries that got back to the game – and try to remember who was in goal. It’s not, is it easy? They will Precisly remember, as they will remember all the goals they have conceded, but can you?

Regardless of the fear of penalty kick gardiin, they have a legitimate fear of being forgotten in the wave of football nostalgia.

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