Henry playing game in the queue with MLS in limbo


Thierry Henry is adapting to life on hold with the Montreal Impact as the Major League Soccer side (MLS) waits for the coronavirus stop.

Former France, Arsenal and Barcelona star Henry took as the director of Montreal before the 2020 season, but saw his reign effectively put on hold after just two games when Covid-19 brought the sport in North America stopped last month.

Speaking on a video conference call on Tuesday, Henry said he is staying positive as he waits to see how the virus plays.

Major League Soccer chiefs said that the league will not resume before June 8 at the earliest, because they work in different scenarios that could allow the 2020 seasonis complete.

“No one knows who will move when, what is going to happen. We are waiting to see if we will play football again,” Henry said on Tuesday.

“Everything we can do from our side is to focus and prepare for what’s coming our way. they will make the decision and we are going to execute what they want us to execute.

” but for my part, all I can do is try to keep my team, staff, everything is ready to come our way.

Henry admitted, however, that his work with the staff had encountered difficulties caused by the lack of fresh video footage.

“I mean, one thing that’s weird is usually you tendance to watch a game to see if you can learn something other coaches, what is normal, “said French.

“right now, obviously no match on television. You have no jeu.Donc generally with the staff, we watch the games and we’re like, “Oh, this is interesting, I never would have thought of something that is you saw. “And you’re trying to implement.

“Yes, it is a sensitive issue, because you’re looking for old videos we kind of went through already with players individually or in teams. “

Henry, however, he was encouraged by the progress made in the team since his arrival. Montreal weresecond in the Eastern Conference after two games before the league was interrupted.

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