Grudge Match Revisited


It was ten years ago this week, Barcelona limped home defeat in the first leg of the Champions League blaming one of thousands of kilometers from the volcano away and fanning the smoldering fires of the quarrel Jose Mourinho with their club and their coach.

The eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull on Iceland sent a plume of ash drifting across Europe, flights to land and havoc in the sporting calendar.

A MotoGP race scheduled for Japan on April 25 has been postponed until October because the teams and the drivers could not get there.

In Europe, Lyon traveled 730 kilometers to face Bayern Munich in the Champions League on April 21

In the semi-finals of the Europa League, theApril 22, Fulham went 950 km by bus to Hamburg. To deal with Atletico Madrid in Spain, Liverpool covered 2,000 kilometers Bordeaux train, changing in London and Paris, and then went the last 700 kilometers plane.

Lyon and Liverpool both lost 1-0, a disadvantage could not reverse in the second leg. Fulham 0-0 on their way to their first European final.

But the volcanic meeting began at San Siro on April 20 Barcelona made their trek 1,000 kilometers in Milan over two days, spend a night in route to Cannes. Coach Pep Guardiola has used 14 hours on the coach to show his video game team, but they also looked Invictus and Inglourious Basterds.

Meanwhile, in Milan, Mourinho engineered.

battle bristling

This link may have marked the beginning of his battle bristling with Guardiola, but it was not the o départLa grudge f Mourinho with FC Barcelona.

Mourinho joined Barca in 1996 when his mentor Bobby Robson became coach. Mourinho translated, but also organized training and has played an increasing role in coaching, support for team B under Robson’s successor Louis van Gaal.

Guardiola was captain for most of the club Mourinho’s time.

Mourinho made an explosive return with Chelsea in the Champions League in 2005.

Barcelona won the first leg2-1, but the match was scored by Mourinho accusing Barca coach Frank Rijkaard of visiting referee Anders Frisk at halftime.

Frisk eventually abandoned after death threats from Chelsea fans. Chelsea won the second leg 4-2 to advance. Mourinho was right in his former club.

In 2008, Guardiolaet Mourinho were candidates to replace Rijkaard before the native Catalan got the job.

They first met as a coach in the 2009-10 group stage. At the Nou Camp, Barcelona, ​​who won the trophy in the first season of Guardiola, beat Inter 2-0. In April, the stakes were higher.

Barcelona were dissatisfied with their journey by bus and unfortunate that the hosts refusedwater a scuffed ground. Inter played like the team sitting there, even after Pedro gave Barcelona a lead of 16 minutes.

Sneijder leveled by half. Maicon and Diego Milito struck in the first 15 minutes of the second half to give Inter a 3-1 win.

However, the work was only half over. As Barcelona spoke reborn from its ashes and reaching the final in Madrid, Mourinho started rubbing salt into wounds BarceLes Lona.

“We want to follow a dream,” said Mourinho. “But it is one thing to follow a dream and another to follow an obsession. For Barcelona it’s an obsession.

“To have a Catalan flag in the Bernabeu is an obsession. “

Fora second leg, Inter flew to Barcelona, ​​but when they arrived at Camp Nou, they parked the bus. Four men marked Lionel Messi and the team defended deep before Thiago Motta was sent off in minute 28.

Barcelona has reached a time when Gerard Pique scored four minutes from time.

Inter beat Bayern 2-0 in the final at the Bernabeu. Mourinho later boasted of his “strong, cynical, clever, pragmatic team” and in 2010, when the dust had cleared, pragmatism won.

He was back in Madrid the next season, determined to bring Barcelona again as coach of Real. But, as their rivalry grows poisoned, Guardiola took revenge in the semifinals 2011 and Barcelona bounced back to win a hat-trick.

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