German fans were warned before restarting Bundesliga


The yield of the Bundesliga on Saturday in empty stadiums, but the German fans are warned to stay away and authorities have warned the games could be stopped if too many supporters gather outside reasons.

The German football will be blazing a trail among the European leagues taking up two months after being arrested by the spread of the coronavirus, but its strategy is fraught with risks.

in a football loving country that boasts average attendances highest in the world, will be supporters banned from stadiums to stay away?

In Saxony, where the third RB Leipzig will host mid table Freiburg on Saturday afternoon, Interior Minister Roland Woeller ofthe state issued a clear threat.

“The fans should not use matches behind closed doors as an excuse to gather in front of the stage or elsewhere”, he said.

“This could lead to games of being arrested “

His concerns are justified

Several hundred fans gathered in Moenchengladbach when the hosts beat Cologne 2-1 March 11 -… the only previous championship game German played behind locked doors, the days just before the judgment

Eintracht Frankfurt have appealed to their supporters before they resume their season against Gladbach on Saturday.

under the rules German league established to resume the season, the home team is responsble to ensure fans do not try to approach the stadium to support their remote team.

After weeks of meticulous planning and mass tests the players and the backroom staff, it would be a nightmare for the Bundesliga if fans would derail the fragile recovery attempt.

Christian Seifert, CEO of the Bundesliga, he does not expect the fans to play into the hands of critics who fear mass reasons outside despite major public events are banned in Germany.

Seifert accused critics predicting that football fans would not respect the retaining means to make “sweeping statements”.

“I do not think the scene and the fansupporters’ organizations will make their reviews … thanks to behave exactly the way “these naysayers are afraid, he said.

the Bundesliga boss said that all interviews that took place on the issue “provide no indication” that the supporters will gather.

Broadcaster Sky has agreed to show some of the Saturday matches on free-to-aicanal r allay fears that fans will gather in bars or public places that have a subscription for the service Pay- per-view.

first historical

However, Seifert said, they take all reasonable steps to discourage fans to meet up “the end of the DFL responsibility at some point.”

the centerpiece of Saturday’s return to action is Borussia Dortmund at home to Schalke in the Ruhr derby, a match that usually draw a crowd of 82000 to signal Iduna Park.

instead, it will be the first time that this unit is played behind closed doors since it began in 1925.

large stadiums in Germany – eg, Allianz Arena Bayern Munich huge owns 75 000 -. vacuum will remain in the foreseeable future

He acraintes re in the stage of German football that the “Ultras” – hard-core fans who often lead the singing at matches -. lose their hard-earned influence in their clubs

Some of these groups inveterate supporters are opposed to the games being played dans empty stadiums because they feel the initiative is motivated by financial reasons.

clubs are eager to finish the season in the league before June 30 to raise about 300 million euros ($ 324 million) due to television contracts.

Helen Breit’s supporters group in the country of football “Unsere Kurve” (Our line) has said it would refuse to watch a single game without fans on television.

“for me, football is in stages”, she told the paper Süddeutsche Zeitung. “I’m almost every Fribourgcorrespondent over 10 years and watch football on television is not an option for me. “

Football is ‘ill’

another group feels the resumption of football during a pandemic, which has 7,500 lives in Germany, shows how professional “sick” football has become.

“a continuation of the season would be pure mockery of the rest of society,” ultras groups across Germany said in a joint statement last month.

“professional football is quite ill and must stay in quarantine. “

But for the vast majority of fans, the decision to play the other nine series of matches in camera makes the best of a bad situation.
[ 123] Although the fans can not be in person in the stands, Moenchengladbach have trouvéune new way for them to be seen by the players -. for 19 euros, Gladbach fans can buy a cardboard cutout of themselves that will be placed on the terraces Borussia Stadium

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