Football in dilemma on return to play


The world of football has begun discussions on the resumption of the interrupted season, as more and more countries come through the darkest period of Covid-19 pandemic, which killed more 200 000 worldwide.

other voices emerged after Germany became the first country in Europe to return to training earlier this month, the precautionary measures in place. But a specific date for the resumption of the league is yet to be determined.

Spain, which had the second most confirmed cases after the US, also saw calls for more La Liga to resume, but the health minister said Sunday Illa Salvador it would be “unwise” to promise the football season would resume beforesummer.

Italy also one of Europe’s epicentres coronavirus pandemic, announced its first steps in raising solitary confinement throughout the country on Sunday, allowing footballers in the country making individual training from may 4 to be the team’s formation may 18

Following the announcement, the clubs in Serie A can start preparing to start training in groups of 18 may and play games of June 2.

Some have suggested that councilors play behind closed doors, it will be easier to contain the spread of the virus, but the resumption of games raises a more difficult question: How do clubs safe players and staff are safe?

Redo the means ofleague, there will be games at home and outdoors, and traveling as a team is a threat to the health of all members of the team, as a person apparently in good health, they come in contact may be a asymptomatiporte-c.

Of course, some will say that the tests for participants can be strengthened. But why the company’s sale of footballers at the top of the list for several coronavirus tests while there are patients who need to be treated?

And the world is still waiting for a vaccine for the coronavirus, which means no one is immune to it, it is also risky to start holding mass rallies.

China, the most populous country in the world that has managed to contROLER spread the virus after a month-long campaign throughout the country, has yet to resume large-scale sporting events because of security issues on a second wave of the pandemic.

Wuhan Zall, based in Wuhan, where the virus has been reported that just resumed the team training on April 22, after an unexpected 104 days suspended because of the pandemic.

In the United States, where the number of cases confirmed coronavirus is close to 1 million, Major League Soccer has extended a moratorium league training across until May 15, with the resumption of the match play be delayed until June 8 at the earliest.

Dutch disaster

But what really disappointed the worldFootball is the Dutch Football Association, who abandoned his Eredivisie top flight season – the only football league to do

such a movement, and the cancellation of relegation and promotion, is a denial of efforts of all teams 2019-. 20 season.

many have put the Dutch government to ban major events until September 1st, but there are many more options available to complete the saisonplutôt that directly abandon.

In France, the Professional Football League (LFP) has announced plans to resume the season 2019-20 Ligue 1 on June 17, pending a final decision on the devices will not or played behind closed doors .

in the United Kingdom, GOVERNANCEnt plans to introduce the first of a series of regular meetings involving senior medical directors of major sports this week in order to return to action as soon as possible.

Preliminary discussions could begin, but it is too early to decide when to resume play. Continue social distancing, and football can wait.

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