Brazil matches on coronaviruses


Grêmio players enter the field wearing protective masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, before the match against Sao Luiz, Porto Alegre, Brazil on Sunday. Photo: VCG

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) said on Sunday it was suspending all matches until further notice because of the pandemic coronavirus

The CBF had initially avoided an all-out. suspension command instead Friday that the games played in empty stadiums in the two largest cities, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro the country.

But fears about the spread of the virus has continued to rise, she finally followed the example of the Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga and a long list ofother sporting events around the world who have suspended healthy.

“We know and accept the responsibility of the world of football in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 in Brazil,” CBF President Rogerio Caboclo said in a statement.

“The CBF will remain in constant contact with the Ministry of Health, join together to help the country and the sport the challenge posed by the pandemic”, he added.

several key matches were played in empty stadiums during the weekend Brazil, including Sao Paulo-Santos derby.

the pandemic has led officials to cancel or postpone a list of top sporting events in the world, including European football leagues, basketball NBA coursese Formula One and the Giro d ‘Italia.

The coach of Brazilian club Gremio has threatened to strike earlier on Sunday after he and his pcouches field have wearing masks to protest having to play a football game in the middle of the coronavirus panic.

Renato Gaúcho led his players out of the tunnel to play Sao Luiz from 11 lined in white masks on their faces.

His team won the state championship match 3-2 Gaucho front of empty stands at the Arena Grêmio.

Portaluppi warned the Grêmio authorities were ready to strike, unless they call a stop to the football program.

“It is time for Gremio to take a stand and had to wear masks alerter the authorities that players are people too, “he said. “We are not immune to the virus. “

” It is useless to close the doors to the fans. So the fans are protected and screw those who work in football. “

” The e gromonde stopped, should not stop Brazilian football as well? This is our message and hope they listen. We hope that common sense will prevail. “
[ 123] the demonstration came as players and clubs across South America are beginning to complain of decisions by the football authorities to control games to be played, but behind closed doors.

Flamengo coach Jorge Jesus has called for football to be arrested, saying dev playershave to be protected because “they are not superhuman. “

in Argentina, River Plate refused to play their tie Superliga Cup against Atletico Tucuman Saturday. the Buenos Aires club closed their stadium, leaving the match officials and an advance team of Atletico off the field.