Beckham visite le stade vide.


David Beckham is waiting for six years to see his great league soccer club (MLS) leaving home, which was expected to have ended Saturday, was extended by the League’s coronavirus arrest.

But this did not prevent him and his family from visiting the Empty Stadium of Inter Miami on Saturday.

The Beckham Club was expected to host the Los Angeles Galaxy, the mls club where the Old England and Manchester United Star played from 2007 to 2012, in its first match at its temporary home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Instead, the entire League has joined all major North American sports league and closed its season for 30 days due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

This left Inter Miami owner and President Beckham and his wife, Victoria, to bring their four children to the empty place and display a video on instagram.

“Special Day showing the family what we built,”Beckham posted as the camera made a 360-degree tour of the Empty Stadium Inter Miami while the music of the spice girls-the former group of her wife-is glissed by loudspeakers.

Beckham also posted messages on instagram Friday with photos from the ground in the empty 20phare-places stadium.

Inter Miami is still looking for a first MLS victory, losing 1-0 in Los Angeles FC on March 1 and 2-1 in DC united six days later.

These games culminated in a wild six-year effort filled with setbacks and frustrations.

Beckham, 44, arrived in the United States in 2007, the world icon leaving Royal Madrid for an agreement with the galaxy that included the option of buying a MLS expansion club at a reduced price.

During six seasons with the galaxy, Beckham helped to enhance the American sport profile and played an important role in the club’s 2011 and 2012 MLS Cup titles.

After his retirement in 2013, Beckham decided to exercise his option for an MLS expansion team in 2014 and sought to build a specific stage in Miami.

The struggles with the city leaders and civic groups followed, the location after one problem after another, and the MLS hesitated to grant a franchise to a group without an established stage plan.

Beckham’s joined the construction of Miami Magnates Jorge and José Mas in 2017 and represented a turning point in his quest.

In 2018, the city officials approved the construction of the Miami Freedom Park Complex near Miami International Airport, whose main piece is a new stage of 25th lighthouse, which is expected to be ready for Inter Miami to enter in 2022.

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