Barcelona becomes model for football clubs struggle against Covid-19


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The pandemic Covid-19 forced the world football stopped while the clubs make their own efforts in the fight against coronaviruses, including la Liga giants FC Barcelona. Jordi Cardoner, FC Barcelona Vice-President and Vice Chairman of the Barca Foundation, shares his views in an interview with journalist Global Times Fan Lingzhi (WG) on a range of topics, including the decision of the club sell property rights to the famous Camp Nou stadium.

GT: What is the club doing to fight against the pandemic? How many people in the club have tested positive so far? Does the club have enough providers and medical suppliestreat the virus

Cardoner: The club took action before the administrative authorities and health, wvec to protect the health of its athletes and workers.

Sports professional teams and amateurs were suspended, facilities, both for internal use and those that are open to the public, were closed, and the events and tournaments organized by the club itself have been canceled, such as the world Cup Barca Academy, which brings together all the club academies around the world each year.

with regard to the people of the club that tested positive, unfortunately there have been cases of infections, but because of privacy concerns, we will disclose any information in this sujet.

once the alert was declared, the club launched a #StayAtHome awareness campaign to keep everyone at home and respect lockdown for the good of dual and collective indivisanté .

At the same time, we have put all the club moving to help support the fight against the crisis. We did the stadium and facilities available to health authorities.

The Camp Nou was used as one of the points of sample collection for a study to prevent new infections Covid-19 conducted by the same Catalan doctors RAN #YoMeCorono the campaign by focusing on vaccine research.

However, the Barca Foundation worked with various eNTERPRISES, institutions and organizations for medical supplies, and we have also initiated appropriate programs for children, such as the prevention of cyberbullying during the quarantine.

GT: How the club keep regular contact with the players of the first team ala house t? How do you handle the workouts at home to ensure they are in peak physical condition? Are there any online courses for coaches and players?

Cardoner: All this time, all the players of the team have been training at home and who regularly receive instructions coaches, who monitor the work with support, remote, delivery in shapeStaff. They also evaluate the videos and photos that players send.

But, as the training, the players were involved in the fight against the effects of the pandemic, join the #StayAtHome awareness campaign on the Internet to keep people at home and help with some of our charity.

But they also showed their commitment to the club. The nossports all professional members agreed to reduce their salaries to try to minimize the economic effects of this crisis.

The members of the football first team donated additional 2 percent of their income to supplement the salaries of all employees of the club during the period ERTE (redundancy Tempchedule), which means that all employees still get 100 percent of their salaries

GT :. How can the club maintain its fiscal balance throughout this pandemic? It has been said that if the situation does not improve, players will take another salary reduction and the budget of the club for next season will be reduced by 200 million euros. Is it correct? How the players reacted to the pay cut? Did it take a lot of effort to persuade

Cardoner: CLUb has already taken a number of measures to try to minimize the impact of the crisis.

The most important was to promote ERTE, which I have already mentioned earlier, as well as reduction of salaries of players in the team and all athletesprofessionals at the club, which relative to the total early showed a willingness to help, as they are aware of the seriousness of the situation and knew they had to do something to help minimize the negative impact.

It is clear that not only FC Barcelona, ​​but the vast majority of institutions and companies in the world of sports and other areas of society suffer directly from this. But before the crisis began, Barça was on a very solid financial ground. Even in February, the club was ahead of budget revenue for this season.

Clearly, the situation is very different now, but the club has already implemented a series of measures aimed at making the economic impact ausso low as possible.

With respect to the budget for next season, I think it is too early to say because there is still so much uncertainty about what the future scenario will be
[123 ] GT :. Why the club decided to sell the property rights of the Camp Nou and use the revenue generated in the fight against the virus, especially since all of the football industry is facing financial difficulties? What approaches will be taking the club to help fight against the coronavirus? Have you worked with companies on projects related? Are there any Chinese companies on the
Cardoner: We are aware that Barca has a commitment Ala company that is part of its identity as “more than a club”And we consider it essential that in these times of humanitarian crisis, all the club has to be used to help fight against the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences.

This is why the club decided to transfer the Camp Nou property rights to the Barca Foundation so that it can start looking for a sponsor and distribute all the funds in the fight against pandemic through research projects and programs to fight against its negative effects.

The funds provided by the developer will be divided between a project to fight Covid-19 proposed by the developer himself and other projects that are being developed in parallel and to be selected by a committee follow the club.

p Maisuneection of this initiative, the club, as the Barca Foundation, worked with various institutions and companies.

Many of these collaborations were with Chinese companies and institutions, which shows the great Barca has links with China and with her fans in the country. For example, there was the action the club took at a time when China was suffering intensely from this crisis.

On February 15, during the La Liga match against Getafe, a canvas has been deployed in the center of the Camp Nou with the motto “Stronger Together” and the players of both teams on the field with the boys and girls of Chinese Dragons United Supporters club wearing a shirt with the motto in English and another encouraging messageChinesoi to people in their own language. We also sent the shirts printed with the motto to Chinese fans.

And now this show of solidarity was paid back and we received help from several Chinese companies, such as Tencent, which by the Tencent Charity Foundation provided personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospitals and medical professionals. And Taiping Life Insurance, a regional partner of the club, has donated more than 30,000 masks the Catalan health authorities.

The Barca experience Haikou also put on sale limited edition shirts Campaign “Stronger together” to raise funds to support medical supplies are provided by our PartenairRegional e in this project, the Mission Hills Group.

GT: The Chinese government has helped Spain tantme with medical supplies. In your opinion, what are the areas in which further cooperation between China and Spain is necessary for the prevention and fight against the pandemic

Cardoner: To overcome a pandemic like the one we suffering, we have greater international cooperation and need for all governments and institutions around the world to work to support the fight against the crisis.

I think that there must be only one goal, to overcome this crisis from a health point of view but also from a social and economic perspective.

And this is the reason lacqueredit we need cooperation among all countries, both in the field of preventing new outbreaks.

China has been the country that has suffered first of this and surely his experience can be very useful for the rest of the world.

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