Barca announce a lawsuit against the former director


Barcelona take legal action against a former vice president who made the management of corruption charges, the champions of the league announced Monday.

Last week Barcelona denied charges with fury Rousaud Emili, who was one of six directors to resign Thursday that someone at the club had “put his hands in the till. “

” the Board categorically rejects any action that could be described as corruption and agreed to commence the relevant penal action accordingly, “Barca said in a statement.
[ 123] “Barcelona can not tolerate allegations seriously undermine the institution’s image. criminal action to be taken iswas defending the honor of the club and its employees. the existence of an ongoing audit must put an end to that. “

Rousaud The allegations focus on controversial social media February, when Barcelona was accused of engaging a company called I3 Ventures opponents to discredit the club president Josep Maria Bartomeu online, including players like Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique.

“If the auditors tell us the cost of these services is 100,000 euros and we paid 1 million, this means that someone put the hand in the till , “Rousaud told RAC1 program on Friday.

Bartomeu was slowed ended the contract with I3 Ventures in February the club.

Barcelona added to their déclaratiis that an audit of social media monitoring contracts club conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers down by the pandemic coronavirus.

“laL’état current alarm after Covid-19 had an impact on the development of certain analytical procedures,” the statement read club.

The announcement is the latest episode in a political crisis for the club under Bartomeu. six members resign administration Board asked to be put forward.

Rousaud was appointed as club vice president January and was considered a leading candidate to succeed Bartomeu, which does not support 2021 presidential election the club again for the position.

instead, that Rousaudit alongside vice president Enrique Tombas colleagues and Silvio Elias directors Josep Pont and Maria Calsamiglia Jordi Teixidor.

In recent months, Bartomeu was involved in a series of political spats during public reading.

Messi reacted angrily in January to Eric Abidal, technical secretary of the club, suggesting that the players were to blame for the dismissal of coach Ernesto Valverde and last month, the Argentine star criticized management negotiations with club team payroll cuts.

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