Athletes step to help fight against coronavirus in Brazil


As new coronavirus infections are steadily increasing in Brazil and threaten to cause chaos in its densely populated favelas, some of the greatest athletes of the country intensified to help the most vulnerable communities.

Olympic medalist Flavio Canto Judo is among those who give their time and money to fight the epidemic Covid-19 in the largest nation, which has confirmed 14,049 infections and 688 deaths from the virus South America from Wednesday.

“When all this is over, those who have much will have much less but have more than most, and they have an obligation to help those who have nothing,” Rio de Janeiro judoka Canto told Reuters.

bronze medalist inMen -81 kg category in Athens, Canto is almost as famous in Brazil for his work with the Instituto Reação, a charity that uses martial arts to help transform the lives of young people.

Canto raises funds for a project that will provide a monthly allowance to thousands of families in Rio and Cuiaba are in quarantine or financially suffering due to unemployment or the need to isolate.

monthly allowance of about 100 reais ($ 19.15) is in the form of a prepaid debit card that can be used in local supermarkets.

in a country where came the coronavirus government strategy under surveillance, Canto said athletes were the ideal group to leadrelief efforts because they trust the people.

“one of the big problems Brazil is that people lack confidence their money and resources will be distributed properly,” Has he said by phone from Rio.

“My charity has 20 years experience in this field and other athletes are people with the same profile, which have experience in charity work and thus credibility. “

Dunga Urges gifts

One such athlete is Dunga, captain of Brazil national team football in the Cup 1994 world win.

and former Internacional Fiorentina midfielder works with business contacts and former players – including international former Brazil Edmílson Jorginho and Paulo Cesar Tinga -. with disadvantaged communities in his home country of Rio Grande do Sul

As Canto, Dunga led a charitable foundation for many years, helping orphanages, old houses and social projects.

In dernierquelques days, he convinced supermarket owners, producers and transport companies to donate and distribute more than 10 tons of food to local charities as more and more people suffering because of the virus.

“We have seen that there are many people in the favelas who do not work and they do not have food so I called the friends I still play footbwith all and said we will do something “, told Reuters Dunga. spent a lot of

Dunga of his free time during the past week, not only calling friends asking for help, but also loading boxes of goods onto trucks and deliver fruits and vegetables to local charities.

his closest helpers are former players, but some active professionals have also contributed.

Argentine midfielder Andres D’Alessandro, who plays for Internacional Portoalegre side was with him Tuesday as they loaded product bags in cars and trucks.

The local media also reported that Brazilian international Neymar, Roberto Firmino and PauLinho also contributed to their country of origin.

Dunga has encouraged more participation.

“We former players still have the doors open up,” he said. “Imagine what the players who are active today could do.”

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