Olympic sports federations Games fret about lost income


The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics and stopping the sporting calendar because of the coronavirus pandemic will hit international sports federations difficult financially.

Many sports that are part of the games rely heavily on payments every four years, the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

“The situation is tense and very dark. an evaluation will be made, but clearly some jobs are threatened, “said a manager of a large international federation.

The 28 International Federations (IFs) sports that were to attend the Tokyo Olympics, had received large sums from the IOC. However, the postponement of the Games until 2021 could lead to a freeze of their payment.

“No.us have a lot of IF with SUBSTAréserves ntial, but others work on a different business model, they have a major events that are suspended income, which can be a problem for the cash flow if they do not have enough reserves “, said Andrew Ryan, CEO of the Association of international Olympic sports Federations summer (ASOIF), which is responsible for the distribution of this money

five additions to the Games program Tokyo -. karate, surfing, skateboarding, rock climbing and baseball / softball -. are not eligible

the Olympic payment totaled $ 520 million after the Rio Games, there are four.

“Olympic money could be less for Rio 2016,” Ryyear warned before adding: “My advice is to budget the same as in Rio. ”

The federations receive money on a sliding scale determined by their unudience and size.

The three largest (athletics, swimming and gymnastics) can expect about $ 40 million.

in the second level, consisting of cycling, basketball, volleyball, soccer and tennis, the amount is $ 25 million.

for the group of three, which contains eight sports, including boxing, rowing, judo and table tennis, there is $ 17 million.

the new sports into the next level (including sailing, canoeing and fencing) receive $ 12 million.

For the three in the latter category (rugby, golf,modern pentathlon) payment of $ 7 million.

For larger organizations, such as FIFA football that has a body FIBA ​​egg, or basketball nest of $ 1.5 billion, which was $ 45.87 million in the reserves, using IOC represents a small proportion of their income.

For others, it is essential. “Some FIs probably not cash flow to survive a year,” said Ryan.

In most federations, the postponement of the Olympic Games has a domino effect, forcing them to reschedule their own competitions to earn money.

“The revenue from these events will eventually come,” said Ryan. “But it impacts cash flow. ”

World Athletics has already postponed the Championnats the world in 2021 in Eugene, Oregon, 2022.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) will do the same for its World Championships scheduled for next summer in Fukuoka, Japan, when they would likely conflict with the Tokyo Games.

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