Olympic chief Tokyo “worried” about the virus


The Chief Tokyo Olympics admitted Wednesday that organizers are “extremely concerned” about the possible effect of the deadly new coronavirus on this summer’s Games.

Toshiro Muto said he hoped that the epidemic in China would be circumscribed to quickly restore confidence in the race at the Olympics.

“We are extremely concerned, in that the spread of infectious virus could pour cold water on the momentum of the Games,” he said before a meeting with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) .

“I wish it to be eradicated as soon as possible. We expect to cooperate with the IOC [International Olympic Committee], CIP, the government and the city of TOkyo fight against the disease. “

more than 20 countries have cokes nfirmed of the pathogen that killed nearly 500 people and infected at least 24,000 in mainland China.

Japan has not been reported dead to date, but at least 10 people on a cruise ship carrying 3,711 passengers and crew were quarantined off Yokohama tested positive for the new coronaviruses.

Saburo Kawabuchi, the mayor of the Athletes Village, where an expected 11,000 sportsmen and women remain, hit a dark tone.

“I hope with all my heart that we can overcome this [virus] and have a smooth surface of the Olympics”, said the former head of Japanese football.

“we will do ourall we can to protect the athletes to enable them to produce their best performance. “

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike promised the weekend to implement” measured approfondiees “for people to protect the coronavirus in the race at the Olympics.

Japan has warned citizens against non-essential travel to China and accelerated new rules, including limits to enter the country as it tries to contain the spread of the virulent new coronavirus.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed earlier this week that the country would work with the World Health Organization (WHO) for the preparation of Tokyo Olympics would not be disturbed.

He also revealed that Japan is developing rapid test kits of the virus.

“by coordinating our efforts with WHO and other related organizations, we will take appropriate measures to ensure that preparations for the events continue regularly,” Abe during a parliamentary session.

The Japanese government has chartered three flights to repatriate 565 Japanese nationals Wuhan – capital of Hubei Province in central China -. the hardest hit viruses

The health scare led to the cancellation of the Olympic qualifying events in China such as boxing and badminton.

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