Gatlin inspired by Brady NFL promises to race in 2021 Olympic Games


The veteran American Justin Gatlin says he draws inspiration from NFL superstar Tom Brady and plans to participate Deferrals Tokyo Olympics.

The 38 years old 2004 Olympic Games 100m champion vowed hanging up his boots after this year’s Tokyo Games, which was postponed Tuesday because of pandemic coronavirus.

Gatlin said Wednesday TMZ Sports postponement prompted him to extend his current career performance, insisting he is now expected to bow in 2021.

” The objective will be to participate in the summer Olympics 2021, “Gatlin told TMZ.

“I think many people think that time is against me or against older athletes in this situation, and itis far from the truth. ”

Gatlin, who would be 39 if the Tokyo Olympics was held in the same window sommemer next year, said he hoped to follow the example of Brady.

Six-time Super Bowl winner Brady, 42, who has just signed for Tampa Bay Buccaneers after 20 years in New England, said he wants to play until mid-40s.

Example Gatlin said Brady was a source of optimism in his own career sprinter.

“All these new Tom Brady is going on right now, it gives me a lot of hope to say,” You know, maybe Justin Gatlin, 40 years old on the track will not that crazy, ”

” It will not be that big of a difference to be 38 to 39. But I’ve always said. “I’mnot running until I’m 40. “I was so hard on myself with no running until I’m 40. And now it seems I grows near 40, and I’ll still be running. ”

career Gatlin was mired in dcontroverses opment, with US crimes suspended twice for drugs that forced him to miss the 2008 Olympic Games

He won crown 100m world Championship 2017 and was part of the 4x100m men’s relay team that won gold the world in 2019 in Doha.

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