Chris Kneirim withdraws pairs, but Alexa woman wanting to skate on


Chris Knierim, who in 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic team bronze medals with his wife Alexa, announced his retirement on Wednesday as his spouse seek a 2022 Olympic berth with a new partner.

The American duo, who live and train in Southern California, has withdrawn from the world championships next month in Montreal, to be replaced by Brian Johnson and Jessica Calalang training partners.

Chris Knierim, 32, told US Figure Skating FanZone he suffered injuries and depression in recent years.

“I have been struggling with injuries – we get better and then another one appears,” he said. “I fight with my jumps a lot this season and now I’m ready to go.

“But Alexa, eMiss is always heavy hitter and ready to go, no doubt. She is such an athlete and competitor. I support her 100 percent. “

Alexa, 28, hopes to reach the winter Beijing Games with a new partner on the ice and Chris as one of his coaches. The couple became partners on the ice in 2012, have was engaged in 2014 and married in 2016.

the Knierims have won national titles in the United States in 2015, 2018 and 2020 and skating together five times at the world championships.

Chris suffered a broken leg in 2013 and Alexa had a gastrointestinal condition life threatening in 2016. Chris said he struggled against depression, which worsened the end of 2019.

“we know that skating and lifeContinuous end, “said Alexa Knierim. “For us, our marriage, our relationship is what is important. “