Woods promises trash talk in a charity match


Tiger Woods has promised that the game next month made for TV with Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will be an entertaining contest as trying quartet and raise funds for charitable organizations involved in the fight against Covid pandemic-19.

With the professional golf suspended due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Woods gave a brief overview of what the fans tuning in the game: Champions of Charity, can hope to see

“It will be Peyton. I against Tom and Phil,” Woods told Golf Digest on twinning with the two big names in the NFL.

“There was a little trash talking already, a little back banter back and forth. It ‘ll be like that when we compete, but it willnot as harsh as what we have in our exchange of text.

“we have not decided exactly what charities we will be donating all the money. We’re divvying out [to] many different causes that have the impact of this virus and type of relief. “

Although the exact location and date are yet to be confirmed, it is expected to occur near the base of the Woods in south Florida.

Woods, winner of 15 major titles, was moping at home from the PGA tour has suspended his season after the first round of the championship players March 12

The tour will resume on June 11, rather than speculate on his game plans, Woods chose to reveal some surprising sports he loves watchingr.

He joked that if the Los Angeles Dodgers (baseball), Lakers (basketball) and Raiders (NFL) are the only teams in texist hat

his mind, he also developed a taste for what most Americans would consider strange foreign sport.

“What this game Oz [Australia] or the Middle East or even the UK, widespread cricket, so I watch a lot of cricket,” he said.

“I saw a lot of rugby for many years. Japan [last year] we had a chance to play with some of the rugby guys. I can not believe that these guys do not play without buffering.

“It is incredible as big and as strong as they are, no helmet, no carpet on, laughNo, just hit. “

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