Golfers take online simulator challenge to increase the sport’s popularity


Chinese golfer Wu Ashun slightly compatriot Li Haotong Sunday in a golf simulator duel between the two Chinese aces as Covid-19 pandemic has forced the world golf events to be postponed or canceled.

Organized by the China Golf Association, the duo took to the simulator to participate in a virtual Kasumigaseki Country Club, venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics veteran Wu, 34, playing in Xiamen, province East China’s Fujian, won the event by three strokes with each other by 73.

“it feels good, but the result is not satisfactory,” said Li, who played in Shanghai. “But what is more important is that we can promote golf through this event during the competitionreality currently not available. “

Li, a European winner twice winner of the Tour, is considered a star montantedans Chinese golf. At age 24, he is ranked No. 87 in the world.

Meanwhile, the big difference between the reality and the scenes in the simulator also caused problems, as the wind speed in the game was sometimes ignored by golfers.

“You do not feel the wind, so some time in the game has been ignored,” said Li, who has struggled in its implementation, it is also known in the reality .

The new outbreak of coronavirus has forced many public sports activities to be postponed or canceled throughout the world, leaving many Athletare not competitive games to play and fans of sports games not live to follow.

Over 2,000 golf fans watched the competition live via the popular platform Chinese video sharing douyin Sunday.

In turn ee first duel in line between the two golfers on April 6, Wu finished one over the other 73 Li to win 84 in a virtual golf club Zhengzhong in Shenzhen South China.

The absence subnormal performance led some fans to question the serious golfers in the simulation, but others believe that it is the lack of athletes experience in the use of simulators that led to their poor performance.

The Olym golf tournamentPicnic male is rescheduled to be held in Kasumigaseki in Saitama, Japan, from 29 July to 1 August 2021, after the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 were forced to delay by one year.

While some athletes were frustrated on the postponement, the Chinese duo chose to look on the bright side, saying the delay gave athletes more time to prepare for the quadrennial event.

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