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Golfers based outside the United States will face a

forty 14 days before they are able to compete on the PGA Tour when American circuit resumes play this month next, tour leaders Wednesday. Britain Matthew Fitzpatrick and Tommy Fleetwood and Francesco Molinari Italy are among about 25 golfers who need to move quickly to arrive in time for the PGA scheduled US performance on June 11 at Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth, Texas.

Despite moves by visiting players and based with shopping carts outside US borders back to the events, the quarantine of 14 days will be in effect and those just above the Britain faceanother isolation two weeks when they return in the Atlantic Ocean.

“We are working with the federal government to facilitate laretour players and caddies who currently reside outside of the United States, and we are optimistic that will happen,” said Andy Levinson, vice president tower administration of the tournament.

“We are optimistic that we ‘ll be able to facilitate their return before our return to competition. “

To assist players returning does not mean that players have escaped two weeks of quarantine, however, as a protective measure due to the pandemic stop coronavirus down most sports, including the US PGA Tour in March.

“which hast present in place, and is likely to continue, so it is imperative that the voters that we have this need to return to the States States are at least two weeks before returning to competition, “said Levinson.

It is uncertain how many of the 25 players Levinson says are outside US borders even want to go back to the events since the isolation required.

The tour describes its security rules coronavirus for his return, with at least the first four events to be played without spectators.

Coronavirus test and daily temperature reading will be part of the plan, developed in consultation with medical experts and government leaders in the tournament home sites.

nasal swab tests for the deadly virus would begin when players and caddies perform a pre-trip test. They would be tested again when they get to the hosting event.

When they come in every day, players and caddies will face health issues and thermometer readings before entering.

If a PLLA ayer temperature is above 38 C one day he will be given a coronavirus test

up to two days to get results, golfers can only practice and the game. – observing social distancing protocols – pending results. They would be prohibited during other facilities.

Any player who testspositive for the virus is immediately quarantined for at least 10 days. If a player tested positive after the 36-hole cut, it will be paid the price of silver last.

laws on medical privacy prohibit the results made public virus tests, but players withdraw for unknown reasons will be subject to review such a situation.

and contact tracing will be used to try to contain other possible positive tests.

“we will not play if we can not do in a safe and healthy environment,” PGA Tour chief of operations Dennis Tyler said.

The John Deere Classic in Sylvis, Illinois, on July 9-12 is the first possible event on a calendar overhaulUS PGA could be open to fans.

No handshakes allowed

PGA staff, including rules and scoring officials, security, select clubhouse, tournament staff and volunteers, coaches and coaches will be allowed at the event. No family member will be allowed on site.

the visit will provide masks and disinfectant wipes and cover testing costs for players, caddies and key personnel.

players get holes of golf balls and are asked to remove and replace their own clubs in the bag.

Caddy can and rake bunkers flagsticks trend but are usedr sanitary wipes on the equipment when done.

And there will be no handshakes after the round. The courses will be barred for safety reasons, even without spectators.

A player and caddy would share a carriage return to the clubhouse, if players are taken off the field because of bad weather approach.

A Tour hired charter flight will transport players and caddies between tournaments, but they have the virus tests in the 24 hours before departure. Only those who test negative can board the plane.

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