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With the world stay inside during the global pandemic of coronavirus, the beautiful game players and fans have been looking for other ways to get their football solution.

We have seen the 10-touch challenge toilet paper with stars like Ball of Barcelona and Lionel Messi win even got involved, bringing to mind the quote Michel Platini, “Qu ‘ is that Zidane can do with a soccer ball, Maradona could do with an orange “- or demand that Zlatan Ibrahimovic while John Carew could have been a football, it could do with an orange.

We have also seen players take in the video game format with the Liga with 20 FIFA tournament and the Premier League to take Hong KongPro Evolution Soccer 2020

Marcus Rashford Manchester United and England teammate Sancho Jadon Borussia Dortmund was also fueled their budding bromance in England vs match against England FIFA 20, fueling transfer rumors Sancho could be on his way to Old Trafford when the next transfer window opens.

Transfer rumors filled the hours for many on social media. Traditional media have granted the games of the past, covering them as if they were live, while FIFA and several national leagues have opened their archives to show the games in their entirety.

If you do not want to watch the 1982 FIFA World Cup in whole orreliving 1998-1999 campaign in the UEFA Champions League, there are other options. With over a century of investigation there are many books that you now have no excuse for not reading or there are more than 100 films covering the gambling world they multifaceted.

This is a recommendation of some of the best documentaries focused on individual players to catch up while doing your bit and stay inside.

Diego Maradona (2019)

winning Asif Kapaldi (documentary director Amy Winehouse Amy and Senna, the Brazilian Formula One Ayrton Senna) the achievement of one of the best to play the game.

the focus is on the movement of Maradona at Napoli from Barcelona and the first 10 minutes,where the winner of the World Cup Argentina comes to a waiting stage San Paulo smuggled in a car, sets the tone.

the question on the role of the local mafia in the press conference later also foreshadows what comes next, but Maradona sparkles on the ground that his Life unravels outside, delivering a Serie A title which is still celebrated today.

Kaiser (2018)

subtitled greatest footballer never to play football, the index is there. The film focuses on the life and career non-player Carlos “Kaiser” Henrique Raposo, a Brazilian footballer who, while undoubtedly talented was more interested in the lifestyle that he could enjoy that was out on ground.

With the help of journalists and his football friends, Kaiser was able to forge a career that saw him occasionally shine in training before the mysterious injuries keep him out of the starting lineup. British filmmaker Louis Myles brings almost unbelievable story to the screen.

Become Zlatan (2015)

It was probably a matter of time before one of the largest of the characters the life of the game is to fill the screens in multiplexes as it has seats in the football stadium.

This project focuses on the early years of Zlatan with interviews focused on people who have helped to develop the Swedish superstar first club Malmo, couldis those who later cast him

These first days -. As the player revealed in his autobiography later -. were not without problems, but he came through them to make the first of a remarkable career, from Ajax, then moving to Italy with Juventus

[ 123] Ronaldo (2015)
Asif Kapadia will combine the functions of executive producer for this Anthony Wonke overview made in the privacy of Real Madrid star and his then-trip of a childhood Madeira to become a Golden Ball winner for Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United.

It features interviews with his family, including his mother Dolores and her siblings. It is an inside look at one of the football players pRead famous forever live and who is constantly in the public eye – the only match sequence in the film from a match El Clásico between Real and Barcelona in October 2014.

Ronaldo rivalry Lionel Messi of Barcelona and unwavering self-belief come to the fore throughout

Zidane. A Portrait of the 21st century (2006)
a documentary of soccer for people who have little or no interest in football would be one way to explain this amazing project directed by Douglas . Go Rdon and Philippe Parreno

the premise is simple if unorthodox: He takes every key decision by the French maestro in a match for Real Madrid against Villareal on April 23, 2005.

He used 17 cameras to capture in a nod to the German football film like never before, bringing on George Best in 1970. convincing film is complemented by a sound track created by the Scottish group Mogwai.

Keane and Vieira – Best of Enemies (2013)
Some players can not really be defined outside a rivalry and there was probably no more at that time English Premier League as Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira.

The dust was long established on their personal involvement in Manchester United and Arsenal, whose own rivalry had also disappeared by this point.

that things are not as cracked pair at the memory overyears, they their respective teams captained in a rivalry for ten years where teams competed for the biggest trophies in England.

The glow in the councils of the eye Keane evil that was to come later in his career as an expert, as his choice very sharp in a joint selection of a combined Manchester United and Arsenal XI betrays both his refusal to forgive and forget.

Keane, who was fresh in his rivalry with former manager Alex Ferguson on the way he left the club, neglected players who remained loyal to the Scots.

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