Football players who hit cinema screens


Football shown the film is largely terrible game, but is also true for football players to act?

Many players have turned to acting when they hang up their boots, choosing to tread the boards as a second career, while others have branched into film and television for at summit play.

some of the best, or at least the most notable examples of football players who choose to exercise their acting chops.

Fitz Hall

The player, known as “One Size” through his long career with teams such as Oldham Athletic, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Wigan Athletic, QPR, Watford and Newcastle United was in a film before being a professional footballer. Hall appeared in the science fiction film highly rated by Luc Besson The Fifth Element lorsqueil teenager. The 16 year old was on the screen for less than five seconds, but still recognizable and it is something he said he still receives messages about long after his playing career wrapped.

George Best

The Manchester United winger is probably the first superstar of the game, becoming known as the “fifth Beatle” at the height of Fame Fab Four. His film career has been less marked than his football, where he won the European Footballer of the Year in 1968. The best plays in Cup Fever , a film about Manchester United inspiring a team of Belfast, and Percy, a comedy of the 1970s centered on the first transplant in the world of the penis. Best died in 2005.

Ally McCoist

The Scottish striker made a bubbling pocarrière st game as a radio personality and captain of the team sports quiz on British popular A Question of Sport. He managed to play in a film alongside Hollywood royalty Robert Duvall toward the end of his playing career. A shot at glory tells the story of a minor Scottish side to go to the Cup final with their star striker McCoist. The Legend of the Rangers proved he could be playing a former Celtic player.

Frank Leboeuf

France defender is the answer to the question “Who is the only footballer to win the World Cup and appear in an Oscar-winning movie? “Leboeuf played a doctor The theory of everything , the history 2014 Stephen Hawking who won Eddie Redmayne Oscar for best actor. Leboeuf is now working in theater in his native France.

Vinny Jones

The International Wales was a pantomime villain for fans of the opposition during his time at Wimbledon, Leeds and Sheffield United before turn that into a second career. He was famous for star turn as Tony Bullet-tooth in seminal Lock, and Guy Ritchie Two Smoking Barrels beforeto go to Hollywood. He has since acted Mean Machine and the X-Men franchise, playing on his hardman reputation of his playing days. It also keeps with the football his team Hollywood United.

Eric Cantona

“I am not a man, I am Cantona,” the French striker said in Ken Loach Looking For Eric [ 123], a film in which he played a larger than life version of himself created by a postman from Manchester. PouvezTona, who retired football aged 31 was also in the drama of the period Cate Blanchstt Elizabeth shortly after his playing career. More recently, he appeared with the former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher in one of the clips of the singer.

David Beckham

Another man wearing Manchester United No.7 as the best and Cantona, Beckham is a global superstar long after hanging up his size eight and three quarter Adidas Predators. He appeared in Guy Ritchie King Arthu Legend of the Sword in the pivotal scene and himself played in the first two from the goal deductible. We are sure to see Beckham on the big screen again before too long.

Zinedine Zidane

former teammate of Real Madrid Beckham also appeared in the grandly forgettable purpose films but more strings his IMDB database arc. He also appeared in the French language smash Asterix at the Gamex Olympic and also played as himself as a football player in Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait . He ended his acting career but to focus on winning trophies for the UEFA Champions League as manager of Real Madrid.

Stan Collymore
The England striker, who now spends his time as a broadcaster and champion of the oppressed on Twitter, was a star for Nottingham Forest and then Liverpool in the 1990s Nobody expected what came after you stop scoring. Collymore appeared in the long series Basic Instinct forgotten where he had a pre-credits dalliance with Sharon Stone before the victim sertueur IAL in the Thames River.

The greatest player of all time extends the application ahead of both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in doing too much about the movie. Pele was the star of the movie
Escape to Victory , which describes a version of the infamous Death Match between the Nazis and the Allies in World War II. Pelé scores the decisive goal in true Hollywood style by hitting a kick to it. The World Cup three times winner of the FIFA soccer played other players alongside Bobby Moore and Ipswich Town players John Wark and Paul Marriner in a film that many consider the best representation ever of the game world on screen silver.

Ashley Cole
Arsenal, Chelsea, Roma and Los Angeles Galaxy left back appeared in a film that starred étémoins the clubs he shone in a playing career. Cole was in the television series
Dream Team and Goal III as himself and was supposed to be played, a British film about a football agent who has never seen the light of day dodgy . He also served as a producer on the film Dead Man being.

Many brand him an actor for its diving but the most expensive footballer world does not carry the same billing in movies, but does not prevent not appear on the big screen. Neymar appeared in monitoring Vin Diesel smash hit action film
XXX: Return of Xander Cage as himself, sharing ECRAn Samuel L. Jackson – although there is no evidence that they acted together.


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