Are the biggest players even real football?


Who is the greatest football player is always the kind of issue that dominated talk pub between football fans for years. There is a bias generation – conversation Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi social media certainly dominate now, while Neymar also has ardent fans

For generations before the names of Diego Maradona, Pele, Johan Cruyff and George Best are not. negotiable, depending on the way the club and at the time football fans watched first. It is not contemplated that the greatest football player is still unborn.

But if they do? And if the greatest player to play the game never really existed? And if they were completely fictitious?

Many players fofiction otball have been created throughout history and these are some of the amendeexemples st.

Roy Race

The star of the King of comics Rovers was the hero much in England and abroad have grown up with. Race was a hero to Melchester Rovers where he scored 200 goals in 245 games in his first spell with the fictional club before moving to Walford Rovers also fictitious.

He also survived two comas before becoming director of Melchester following a terrorist attack. He has won 10 league titles, 11 FA Cups and three European Cups, scoring 481 career goals along the way. A helicopter crash saw his famous left foot amputated in 1993, but he lives in a series of strip drawinged revived with his son and daughter.

Janco Tiano

When the very first FIFA international soccer game was released in view of Christmas 1993 til video game world has changed forever. EA Sports launched a security which is as popular as the sport it was simulated in two decades and developers deserve some credit.

They got in the original version unlicensed where many of the employees laid versions of themselves in the game.

The crack of Brazil striker Janco Tiano was January is Chinese developer Tian, ​​who worked on the game for EA in Vancouver after leaving Beijing.

In Madeira

According to legend, a manager CHAMPIONSHIPt Portuguese (now Football Manager) scout saw the opportunity to make his own dreams of a frustrated football career come well by putting in the 2001-02 season of the popular game.

The problem is a football club too good and européenscommencé to sound humble Portuguese side Desportivo de Gouveia and publisher of games Sports Interactive to ask about the 70-goal a season striker. Antonio Lopez was the man responsible.

Madeira was removed from the game, but at least he had predecessors: the developers themselves had put in the original Championship Manager game for Cambridge United. He lives on behalf of the developers of the team Sunday League, FC Madeira.

Masal Bugduv

A history très modern surrounds creating Bugduv, a Moldovan international supposedly for the summit. His name was presented in a promising young round-up and some of the most reliable media.

There was a problem: It was quite fictitious. There were clues. Its name means “my black peuâne” in Irish Gaelic, the subject of a fable where a man is forced to pay too much for a donkey in the hearsay of the village, and the original reports quoted a newspaper that meant ” Kiss my ass “in Irish.

all this was the work of a journalist based in Galway who wanted to comment on the nature of modern transfer rumors.

Billy The Fish

half man, half fish – or at least the head of uNo man on a fish – Billy Thompson was the hero of a comic strip sporadic in left field comic Viz

the Fulchester United keeper was a hero between the sticks, but succumbed to the stranger. circumstances.

He was killed in an FA Cup final before being replaced by his son also amphibious, also called Billy.

Jack Scully

A character of Australian soap Neighbors, Scully was supposed to be a promising footballer Barnsford as fictional FC in England.

He returned to Erinsborough soap area and after a brief love triangle with some of the local ladies decided that playing in the Premier League was not so bad.

It has been abandoned and re Barnsfordturned Ramsay Street in 2002 -. played by a different actor, as many soap characters before him

King Kev

the subject of the Premiership Psycho, a darkly comic Football- based reinventing American psycho CM Taylor, Kevin king was a nightmare multi millionaire deadly for football alarmist.

He won a hat-trick, and then went to “Kev” his way into a successful result, Group Mortet, with England at Euro.

Didier Baptiste

A player from the Sky One show Dream Team, mixed Baptiste art and life when he was the subject of transfer rumors Liverpool in 1999.

This inconvenience for all concerned as he held déplacetamido of Monaco on Harchester United.

Jimmy Muir

Sean Bean character in the 1996 film Saturday Comes exudes football dream of the working class in England.

He played his way Sunday League and Premier League Sheffield United and becomes a hero Blades along the way, overcoming alcohol problems, problems of the family and social deprivation along the way. Inspire.

Santiago Munez

In a way Munez was missed by the game until he was spotted by a scout Newcastle United play in Los Angeles – and thus begins the franchise goal three film.

He moved to Real Madrid after impressing with Newcastle, and overcome his asthma and sensitivityed culture along the way, before a third installment really weird centered around the World Cup. trinkets-stars everywhere, to order 4.

Captain Tsubasa

the biggest Asian football player ever? Captain Tsubasa can not be far away.

Comic book fans will need no introduction to football hero swashbuckling. Inspired by World Cup 1978, the creation of Yoichi Takahashi remains popular to this day.

Alex Hunter

A member of a footballing dynasty, Hunter is the only one we could hope to control, a star like he was in the video game FIFA “s segment “the Journey” from 2017 to 2019.
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