James hopes Lakers can possibly revive their stimulus campaign


LeBron James said the sudden stop of the NBA season because of the global pandemic of coronavirus left feeling the Los Angeles Lakers as they still have something to prove.

The Lakers were in the midst of a revival season, having made the playoffs for the first time in seven years, when the league suspended the 2019-20 season on March 11 after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive for Covid-19.

at the time of the postponement, the Lakers were in first place in the Western Conference and had the second best record in the league behind Milwaukee. If the season does not resume, James said there will be a vacuum.

“Closure? No, but to be proud of what we have accomplished to this point, I will be ableto look back and say we did something special in tpetite time hat, “James said during a conference call with reporters Wednesday.

“Just the ups and downs, not only on the floor but off the floor while we had to endure as a Laker faithful.”

James said he is struggling to overcome the magnitude of the pandemic, which has killed more than 14,800 people in the United States, including nearly 200 in its state of originally from Ohio.

“How do you assess what is happening over the last three weeks or as long as the pandemic is going on? It’s natural,” said James.

“It is something that never happened before. Some of yous guys are older than me, probably never seen this before. You have just taken all sorts information you have on a daily basis. “

He apasse its self-time practicing basketball breaker with his son Bronny and talk on the phone with his teammates and coach Frank Vogel Lakers.

” I am a couple of friends who have their own indoor facilities, “James said of his training sessions with his son.” They strip down, wipe it off. It’s me pretty much up there with my son. He ‘ are we. “

He wants to return to basketball, but adds that for the experts to decide when. NBA commissioner Adam Silver said this week that he does not expect to diedecide if they can save the season until at least May

“Once they allow us to take a certain type of activity, I would like to get things going back” said James.

“If it’s Las Vegas or anywhere else that can hold us and keep us in the bHNE likely to be safe, not only on the floor but on the floor as well. These conversations will be had. “

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