restart of the German league attracts a global audience, but the players keep the distance reminded


The Bundesliga attracted bumper global audience for its restart without problems largely on weekends, but an official of the top league said Monday the players would be reminded to maintain social distancing, even when goal celebrations.

the high-flying Germany became the top European league resumed after a two-month interruption in empty stadiums and surrounded by draconian hygiene.

Despite the restrictions, the matches of the weekend without problems to pass. Players and staff have been regularly tested for Covid-19 in the weeks before the takeover, while the small number of officials and journalists allowed to attend matches had their temperatures verified before being allowed to enter.

feared the police as fans gathered outside the grounds do not materialize.

“There was a great sense of relief,” the CEO of the international branch of the Bundesliga, Robert Klein, told AFP and other media Monday.

“We want to finish the season, but are aware that there is a great responsibility that we do it properly.

” There was an enthusiasm to see

at new top flight football. “Someone told me” it seems that the eyes of the world are on the Bundesliga and I think it was true.

“We tend to Colombia , Ghana, South Africa and Asia. “

‘Roller coaster

striker Norwegian Erling Haaland Braut Borussia Dortmund showed he has lost none of its power in the months of inaction as he scored the first goal of Saturday’s restart in the 4-0 hammering of rivals Schalke.

Paiementdiffuseur -view Sky reported a record audience of 6 million viewers in Germany for Saturday’s games, after doing some free. The total overall figure is expected later this week.

with the fans through the current hungry football world live because of the pandemic, the viewing figures recorded for the Dortmund game against Schalke in Mexico, Brazil, Italy and Argentina were much higher than normal

in the UK, BT Sports broadcaster was a record $ 652,000 for the same match -. a respectable figure in comparison with the ever Premier League public channel € 1.7 million for a Liverpool vs Arsenal match in December 2018.

Klein describes recent weeks as “exhilarating, difficult. .. rollercoaster “as the league got its very détaillérelancer the plans approved by the German government.

However, there were some problems on Saturday.

Markus Soeder, the head of the Bavarian state, criticized the players for Hertha Berlin hug to celebrate goals in their 3-0 win at Hoffenheim.

players also cursed and shook hands in other matches violationhygiene guidelines that clubs have agreed.

The German Football League (DFL) said those involved will not be punished, but Klein said that the message will be reinforced.

“In the concept of hygiene, there is a guideline to celebrate in social distancing standards,” said Klein.

“You can imagine,” he added, that in the heat of the moment, for example, “a goal being scored, maybe sometimes they will approach.

“I think that the guidelines were generally respected the weekend.

“They are there for the clubs to implement. I talk to the clubs every day to remind them what needs to be done, we have the right to go to a second or troisième match day. “

After the league leaders Bayern Munich 2-0 to Union Berlin on Sunday, Thomas Mueller reminded his fellow pros their duty as role models,” I think we are now more strictly under observation as the rest of Germany. “

Happy to share”

view humpback-celebrations elbow substitutes wearing masks on the bench and the hearing of appeals players echoing around empty terraces will take some getting used to.

“I think it will be the new standard for a while, ee until end of the season, it will be without fans and it’s possible that happen next season, “said Klein

.”Until Covid is seriously under control – and this will probably be when a vaccine is – it will continue to be the case. “

the Dutch league, which has already reduced its 2019-20 season, wants to follow the Bundesliga recovery plan for next season.

the leader of the Spanish league also described the Germany as “an example to follow” and Klein said that the Bundesliga is happy to help other professional leagues.

“We are happy to share not only the medical protocol, but also work more and be able to get the support of local authorities and the government to implement “Klein said.

“It is a holistic approach is needed and without all parties to come to yourble, it is impossible. “

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