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Germany gave the hungry soccer fans reason to be cheerful on Saturday with the return to action in the Bundesliga behind closed doors, a day when Borussia Dortmund hammered local rivals Schalke in echo Signal Iduna Park.

Here we examine some of the most eye-catching things a memorable day in the history of sports:

maintains socially distanced Haaland [123 ]
attacking Wonderkid Erling Haaland Braut started where he left off with the first goal of his Bundesliga restart after a two month break caused by the coronavirus.

Haaland turned low cross home thorgan hazard just before the half hour to open the scoring against Schalke. He wast 10th goal of the 19 years in just nine Bundesliga games and put his team on Their path to victory beating Derby 4-0.

Instead of being mobbed by teammates cheering, Haaland causes all kept their distance as he swung a cheeky little dance on the sidelines, in tribute to the strict hygiene rules that the league must to follow.

Schalke take five

Schalke became the first team to use the rule change that allows five substitutions in a game, with David Wagner using the maximum number in Dortmund.
Timo Becker replaced Everton loanee Jonjoe Kenny with three minutes Schalke suffered destruction at the hands of Lucien Favre flamboyance.

Favre, meanwhile, used four substitutions, with man-of-the-match Raphaël Guerreiro replaced by Marcel Schmelzer in finaleents mom after adding the opening of Haaland with an impressive accolade.

The increase in subsea approved by lawmakers game earlier this month, was adopted by the Bundesliga to limit the risk of injury two months without games.

masked men line the canoe

In addition to the unusual sight of stalls normally packed shorn of tumultuous media accompanying the Bundesliga, the fans watching on television saw players wearing masks on the sidelines.
players on the bench wearing masques of protection in compliance with strict safety guidelines implemented to allow the Bundesliga restart before other top leagues of Europe.

Schalke players alternately on the bench to meet social distancing rules while a sports contact is being played on the field.

restart issue Augsburg fans
While fans around the world celebrated able to watch top level. Live football after a two-month drought, some supporters questioned the wisdom in the restart of the league

followers Augsburg hung a banner in front of an empty carrier that read “Football gives life – your business is sick “signe protest the football played as the pandemic still takes lives across Europe.

There was little joy for the home side on the ground either with the stop strike time Daniel Ginczek delivery Wolfsburg a 2-1 victory and deepening relegation Augsburg fears.

empty wall Dortmund
A resounding victory over Schalke would usually DorLes players tmund celebrating before a nagging “yellow wall”, the very large terrace behind the goal Signal Iduna Park that holds up to 25,000 passionate fans.

However, with any stage, but empty and the only noise being the cheers and applause of the players and coaches, Dortmund still jog on to applaud the “Südtribüne” in honor of the fervent support that usually empties the support.

own balls, please
the decision to allow the German football reboot came with a host of government regulations including masks on the bench and plexi between players and reporters for interviews after the game.

One of the rules states that the match points must be disinfected regularly by personnel wearing gloves as germeune football league is trying to limit the spread of the virus and end the 2019-20 season.

Leipzig go a step beyond

RB Leipzig came a new solution to help players Respect the rules of the German Football League (DFL), which states that there must be at least 1.5 meters between each person on the bench.
with not enough room in the area submarines for the team of the day, some players had to sit in the stands, which are three meters above the ground and the canoe on the sidelines.

Thus, Leipzig borrowed a staircase aircraft normally used for passenger loading and unloading aircraft, airport near Halle / Leipzig. “Special situations require special measures. We are happy to help, “the spokesman Uwe aéroportLe Schuhardt told Bild.

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