Chinese football, basketball leagues prepare for restart

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The two football leagues and Chinese Basketball preparing to restart while players and coaches should see wage cuts, the leaders of football and basketball governing bodies of China both said amid the easing of tensions in the new epidemic coronavirus. The decision could lead to the resumption of domestic sport.

Speaking of CCTV public Friday night chain Association basketball Hu Yao Ming said that the board of directors basketball works on three different programs for the recovery of the season.

League basketball country high-level CBA was postponed its regular season from the end of January, with 16 towerse still games to play. The governing body will notice the clubs 21 days before a reboot takes place, Yao said, e pasing the league championship will resume play from behind closed doors in extreme conditions.

There are players and foreign coaches back unable to make a trip to China because of new restrictions on the entry of foreigners that were imposed from March 28

Ye Lan, a sports commentator based in Shanghai, said the priority of the resumption of games should always be safety.

‘safety should always be the top priority for the resumption of sporting activities, “Ye told the Global Times Saturday. “The epidemic has a huge impact on the sports industry. We can notthe risk of a new outbreak. “

The epidemic coronavirus has also dealt a financial blow to sports clubs in China, as the two franchises of the CBA and Super League (CSL) football clubs are expected to cut player salaries .

In football, players CSL Tianjin Tianhai side filed an appeal to the Chinese Football Association (CFA) on Saturday as the governing body is yet to approve Tianhai access to 2020 season due to a massive financial crisis inherited from its former owner Quanjian group.

The 2020 CSL season, which was originally scheduled to start in February, will witness a packed schedule for the teams this year, the CFA has promised the season will not work in a new yearborn.

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